Liberal Arts Peer Mentor Participation Agreement Form

Liberal Arts Peer Mentor Participation Agreement Form

You are invited to participate in an exciting new peer mentoring program! We know that it can be hard to make connections on campus or find one’s place in an entirely new culture. Liberal Arts is full of amazing resources, but they are only beneficial if people know about them. We want to connect incoming students and make them feel welcome in Liberal Arts. We want them to feel supported and have an enriching experience that results in achieving academic and personal success goals.

As a Peer Mentor, you play a vital role. Mentors will be matched with 1-4 students for the fall to work toward the following success goals:

Build Community

by helping your peer mentee(s) make connections with the school’s faculty, staff, and student organizations related to their individual interests and career aspirations.

by attending events offered through the School of Liberal Arts with your peer mentee(s).

Define Purpose, Skills and Leadership Role(s)

by guiding your mentee(s) in identifying and making a plan to engage in activities and events in the school and the IUPUI campus community related to their major(s) and interest areas—including but not limited to study abroad, Liberal Arts student organizations, internships—that will help them develop marketable skills necessary post-graduation.

Help Plan a Path to Graduation

by supporting your mentee(s) as they construct short- and long-term academic and career goals, locate and implement use of academic and financial resources to assist them with obtaining those goals—including services offered through Liberal Arts’ academic advisors, career development staff members and the school’s scholarship manager.

by providing them with referrals to faculty mentors based on their academic and career interests.

How It Works:

TRAINING: Peer mentors will prepare for this role through participation in an all-day training to occur on Friday, August 21, 2020, and will meet monthly to check-in with an assigned staff sponsor throughout the semester. During these monthly meetings, you will discuss how you are connecting with and providing support for your mentee(s) as well as receive feedback on strategies you may consider focusing on in future meetings based on your mentee’s needs. You will learn about relevant campus resources and strategies for guiding goal-setting and action plans.

YOUR DEVELOPMENT: This program is also focused on your growth as a leader. As you engage and grow in your role as a Peer Mentor, you will leave the program having developed and enhanced skills which employers and graduate schools value. These skills are: leadership, organization, communication, and teamwork. You will learn to articulate these skills, benefiting you in future interviews, on your resume and in your cover letter.

The Peer Mentor Commitment

By signing this agreement letter, you are committing to 1.12 hours a week (or 4.5 hours per month) for both 16 weeks over the fall semester and 16 weeks in the spring semester. This total of 36 hours (18 hours for the fall semester and 18 hours for the spring semester) includes all of your training and professional development time.

    1.  Attend a 1-hour mentor/mentee matching meeting in the first week of classes.
    2.  Meet for 1 hour 15 minutes per month with each assigned 1-4 mentees in a group or one-on-one to accomplish the following throughout the year:
      •  Create a plan to attend Liberal Arts programs with your roster of students. Note: At least one event needs to be attended with your mentee(s) related to your mentee’s major or area of interest within Liberal Arts. This event (or additional events) can count as one of your meetings for the month.
      •  Guide incoming students through a process for setting academic success goals.
      •  Be an ongoing resource and support as the mentee(s) move toward their goals.
      •  Encourage students to connect actions to goals during the academic year.
      •  Connect students to academic and financial resources offered through the School of Liberal Arts, as needed.
      •  Complete Monthly Peer Mentor Reports.
      •  Strategize on how to encourage each student to have at least one meeting with a faculty or alum/ alumna in their area of interest through a 1:1 meeting or networking at social events.
      •  Complete identified assessment tools to evaluate the effectiveness of the program.
    3. Complete a peer mentor/mentee matching survey form prior to the start of the fall semester.
    4.  Attend a full-day training on Friday, August 21, 2020.
    5.  Attend 30-minute monthly check-in meetings with an assigned program staff sponsor throughout the fall semester. These meetings are designed to support your work and your professional development. In these meetings, we intend to accomplish the following:
      • Review and assess the monthly meetings with your assigned mentee(s).
      • Provide support and develop strategies for engaging your mentees based on their goals and interests.
      • Grow in your own leadership and professional skills.

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