Liberal Arts Peer Mentee Participation Agreement Form

Liberal Arts Peer Mentee Participation Agreement Form

You are invited to participate in an exciting new program for a select group of incoming students!  We know that this transition is a pivotal time for you.  As an incoming student, there is still much to consider as you confirm your goals and create action plans that move you closer to graduation.  During this transition time, we want you to feel supported and have an enriching experience that results in achieving academic and personal success goals. 

As part of this program, you will be matched with a Peer Mentor, who is a fellow Liberal Arts Jaguar.  Your Mentor’s goals are to help you work toward the following:

Be a Part of the Liberal Arts Community

by helping you make connections with your peers, who will connect you with faculty, staff, and student organizations in the school related to your individual interests and career aspirations.

by attending events offered through the School of Liberal Arts with your peer mentor.

Define Your Purpose, Skills and Leadership Role(s)

by identifying and making a plan to engage in activities and events in the school and the IUPUI campus community related to your major(s) and interest areas—including but not limited to study abroad, Liberal Arts student organizations, internships—that will help you develop marketable skills necessary post-graduation.

Plan Your Path to Graduation

by constructing  your short- and long-term academic and career goals, and locate and implement use of academic and financial resources to assist you with obtaining those goals.  Services offered through Liberal Arts’ academic advisors, career development staff members and the school’s scholarship manager, amongst others are present to help you complete your degree program.

by gaining referrals to faculty mentors based on your academic and career interests.

How it Works

You will be matched with a mentor with similar program interests as you.  The mentor will work with you to schedule monthly meetings, one-on-one and/or in groups, with other students.  At these meetings, you will:

  • Get to know your mentor and develop new friendships and connections on campus.
  • Create a plan to attend one or more Liberal Arts events and/or Liberal Arts student organization meetings.
  • Strategize on how to meet with a faculty member or alumni based on your area of interest.
  • Guide you through the process for setting academic success goals.
  • Be advised of ongoing resources offered through the School of Liberal Arts.
  • Complete a couple of surveys about your experience with the peer mentoring program so that we may continue to improve how we support incoming students.

Your Commitment

  1. Complete a peer mentor/mentee matching form prior to the start of the fall semester.
  2. Attend a 1-hour mentor/mentee matching meeting in the first week of classes.
  3. Attend monthly meetings with your Peer Mentor (meetings will last 1 hour 15 minutes each month).
  4. With your peer mentor, attend at least 1 event or student organization meeting offered through the School of Liberal Arts related to your major or area of interest within Liberal Arts. Note: This event (or additional events) can count as one of your meetings for the month.
  5. Construct career goals and identify skills and resources necessary to assist with realizing those goals.
  6. Make a plan with your mentor of how you can meet with a faculty member or alum/ alumna connected to your goals and interests during the semester.
  7. Make a plan with your mentor for how you can meet with an identified professional IUPUI staff member based on your career goals, interests and/or financial needs.
  8. Complete a pre- and post-survey about your experiences so we can continue to improve.
  9. Maintain regular communication with your peer mentor.

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