Sociology Major and Medical Concentration

Along with completing the Liberal Arts Degree Requirements, required by all majors in the School of Liberal Arts, Sociology majors must meet the following, major specific requirements.

Requirements for Major

30 credit hours of sociology course work (12 of which must be completed at IUPUI), with a grade of C (2.0) or better.

R100 - Introduction to Sociology (3 Cr.)
R351 - Social Science Research Methods (3 Cr.)
R359 - Introduction to Sociological Statistics (3 Cr.)

Theory course selected from one of the following:

  • R355- Social Theory(3 Cr.)
  • R356-Foundations of Social Theory(3 Cr.)
  • R357-Contemporary Sociological Theory(3 Cr.)

Capstone course (click here for FAQs regarding the Capstone) selected from one of the following:

15 additional credit hours of other Sociology courses.  These additional credits can be taken from a special list of Medical Sociology courses, so that the record of a specific Major Concentration in Medical Sociology is noted on your transcript.

Faculty Mentors for Sociology Majors:
- Peter Seybold, CA 303 M, 317-278-2290, email: 
Alternate - David Strong, CA 301 B, 317-278-1138, email:

Declare your minor in Sociology:
The procedure is quite simple.  Go to and complete the form to declare your Minor in Sociology, your Medical Minor in Sociology or your Concentration in Medical Sociology.  You will receive an email when you have completed your Minors.  The one thing to remember is to be sure that you do this BEFORE you graduate.