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Collaborative Writing Award

This award is for an outstanding collaborative writing project originating in an English department writing and literacy class. Projects submitted for this award should have been co-written by at least two authors, with the work equally shared among the participants. Courses qualifying for this award include the following: Eng. W210, W230, W231, W262, W270, W310, W313, W315, W318, W320, W331, W366, W377, W390, W400, W412, W426, and W496. Award amount to be determined.

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Rebecca Pitts Fiction Award

This award of $250 is given to the best short story written by any student who has been enrolled in a creative writing course in the last 18 months and who is currently an undergraduate student at IUPUI. This award is given in honor of Rebecca Pitts and made possible by Pauline Bonderman.Please submit only one short story. Works submitted for the Pitts Fiction Award should not derive from the author’s real-world experiences and may not also be submitted for the Creative Nonfiction awards. Do not put your name on any submitted manuscript.

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Writing & Literacy Project Award

This award of $100 is presented to an IUPUI undergraduate student for an outstanding project composed in a writing and literacy course that focuses on a topic or issue in the field(s) of composition/writing studies/rhetoric/literacy studies. Such projects may include any of the following:

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