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Manuela Reynolds Award

This award supports advanced Anthropology student research, allowing an Anthropology student to attend symposia which will support their area of anthropological research or at which the student is presenting research findings and/or to attend field school or provide for related travel and/or publication.

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Petronio-Bantz Graduate Student Travel Award

The Petronio-Bantz Graduate Student Travel Award was created by Professor Sandra Petronio and former Chancellor Charles R. Bantz who believe that the ability to present research, participate in scholarly meetings and conferences, and have the opportunity to network is essential in the professional development of graduate students, particularly those who wish to enter academia.

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Geography Conference Travel Award

This award will be used to assist students who want to attend the geography spring conference. If you are interested speak with the department chair and put together a proposal of your travel plan. Proposal can be emailed directly to geogdept@iupui.edu.

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Gail M. & William M. Plater International Scholarship for Community Engagement

This scholarship is to support undergraduate or post-baccalaureate scholarships students to learn through their engagement with the community regardless of the physical location of the activity. Recipients will devote a reasonable amount of time to a project, as determined by and under the supervision of a faculty member, consistent with the student’s learning objectives and the goals of a specific project that demonstrates learning through community engagement. This scholarship was founded to honor the contributions of Gail and William Plater to the IUPUI campus.

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