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Rowland A. Sherrill Prize in Religious Studies: Essay Contest

Intended to recognize the best paper in an essay contest on a designated topic in religious studies. This award honors the memory of longtime Chair and Professor of Religious Studies, Rowland A. Sherrill. In addition to the monetary benefit of the award, students should consider how this award could also enhance future applications to graduate school and/or employers, both of which often seek evidence that an applicant can formulate and argue a thesis well. A major benefit of this award is the opportunity to have those skills formally recognized.

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Rowland A. Sherrill Religious Studies Outstanding Student Award

This award is given annually, by vote of the faculty, to an undergraduate who has made substantial contributions to the life of the department through scholarship and service (e.g., leadership in the Religious Studies Student Association).

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Tony Sherrill Up-and-Coming Student Award

This award recognizes a student in her/his first two years as a major or minor in the Department of Religious Studies who shows great academic promise and has contributed to fostering a greater understanding of religious studies on campus and/or the community.

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