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Ways to Explore Religious Studies:

Major: 30 credit hours, including one of our introductory courses (R101 Religion and Culture, R133 Introduction to Religion, or R212 Comparative Religions) and other introductory and advanced coursework in the history and diversity of religions. Students complete a Senior Capstone seminar their final fall term.

Minor: 15 credit hours, including at least one course at the 100- or 200- level, and two courses at the 300 level or above.  Minor is very flexible.

Religious Studies Student Association: meet other students interested in talking about religions in our pluralistic world.

Just looking for one class? Find the right course for you. 

I’m interested in learning about many religions and how they are similar or different.

            R212 Comparative Religions (fulfills Arts and Humanities General Education requirements)

I’m interested in learning about religion in general.

            R133 Introduction to Religion (fulfills Arts and Humanities General Education requirements)

I’m interested in understanding how religion influences things like politics, gender, music, film.

            R101 Religion and Culture (fulfills Cultural Understanding General Education requirements)

I grew up in a religion and I want to learn more about its history and practice.

            R180 Introduction to Christianity, R257 Introduction to Islam, R361 Hinduism and Buddhism

I grew up in one religion, or with no particular religious affiliation, but I’m really curious about other religions.

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Religion, Gender, and Sexuality >> Social Work, Sociology, Women's Studies, Anthropology

American Religious History and Diversity >> Education, History, American Studies