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"Learning about people from diverse backgrounds teaches you to how to communicate and be empathetic with different people.  These skills are essential for all careers. I always draw on my Religious Studies major to ask, What do I need to do to communicate? How do I connect with people?" Mohamad Saltagi, Religious Studies B.A. and Biology B.S. '13

Career Paths

The academic interests that students bring to Religious Studies are as varied as the career paths they take after graduation. Applying their knowledge of diverse cultures, community dynamics, and human motivations, our graduates have found employment in:

  • Counseling and social work
  • Nonprofits and fundraising
  • Secondary Teaching
  • Higher education
  • Social services (e.g., mental health, youth services, immigrant outreach)
  • Community organizing and social justice
  • Government and foreign service
  • Ministry and chaplaincy
  • Human resources
  • Business
  • Publishing

Graduate School

Religious Studies attracts curious inquirers and global thinkers who are passionate about big ideas and complex problems. About half of our majors pursue graduate school, including the following areas in recent years: law, social work, counseling, philanthropy and nonprofit studies, medicine, religious studies, ministry, history, philosophy, bioethics, linguistics and literacy, educational psychology, conservation biology, and robotics.

Saltagi MedSchool

"Two majors are always better than one." Sarah Mohlke Johnson, Family Services Director, Head Start, LaPorte County

Popular Double Majors

The variety in these career paths and graduate schools shows how well Religious Studies complements other fields of study. Here are some popular double majors and the early career paths that graduates have taken:

Religious Studies and Biology:

  • Donovan Moxley, B.A. '11, Biology Teacher, Herron High School
  • Mohamad Saltagi, B.A. '12, IU School of Medicine
  • Jenna Baughman, B.A. '12, Integrative Biology Doctoral Program, University of California Berkeley, and selected for Data Sciences for the Twenty-First Century program on sustainability

Religious Studies and Psychology:

  • Sarah Johnson, B.A. '12, University of Michigan, M.S.W. '16, Director of Family Services, Head Start of LaPorte County, IN
  • Samantha McManus, B.A. '13, Human Resources Client Consultant, Skywalk Group, Cedar Rapids, IA

Religious Studies and Political Science:

  • Evelyn Rosengren-Hovee, B.A. '06, Director of Partner Engagement, Next Gen Education
  • Kelly Dietz, B.A. '09, IU McKinney School of Law, J.D. '14, Legal and Compliance Counsel, Allied Solutions

Religious Studies and English:

  • Nate Wynne, B.A. '15, Literacy, Culture, and Language Education Master's Program, Indiana University

Religious Studies and Sociology:

  • Kirollos Barsoum, B.A. '11, Communications Associate, Coptic Orphans, Washington, DC

Religious Studies, Art History and Museum Studies:

  • Tara Cravens, B.A. '13, Americorps Member, Center for Citizenship and Community, Butler University

Talk to our departmental mentor, Prof. Kelly Hayes:, or any other faculty member about how your Religious Studies interests and skills can lead to a career.