Religious Studies courses include lower-level introductions to religious traditions and the study of religion. Upper-level courses offer more in-depth explorations of religious traditions, topics and themes. There are no prerequisites.  Here are the courses we have offered in recent years. Click here for Course Descriptions.

Lower Division (100- and 200-level)

REL-R101         Religion and Culture

REL-R103         The Bible and Culture

REL-R111         The Bible

REL-R120         Images of Jesus

REL-R133         Introduction to Religion

REL-R173         American Religion

REL-R180         Introduction to Christianity

REL-R212         Comparative Religions

REL-R243         Introduction to New Testament

REL-R257         Introduction to Islam


Upper Division (300- and 400-level)

REL-R300         Cults and Sects in America

REL-R300         Religion and Literature

REL-R301         Women and Religion

REL-R304         Islamic Beginnings

REL-R305         Islam and Modernity

REL-R307         Religion in the Professions

REL-R308         Arab Histories

REL-R312         Prophets, Captives, and Converts

REL-R314         Religion and Racism

REL-R315         Hebrew Bible

REL-R323         Yuppie Yogis and Global Gurus

REL-R325         Paul and His Influence in Early Christianity

REL-R328         Religions of the African Diaspora

REL-R329         Early Christianity

REL-R344         Reformations of the Sixteenth Century

REL-R348         Religion and Its Monsters

REL-R361         Hinduism and Buddhism

REL-R363         African-American Religions

REL-R367         American Indian Religions

REL-R368         Religion and Healing

REL-R369         Love, Sex, and Justice

REL-R370         Islam in America

REL-R375         Religion Behind Bars

REL-R378         Religion and Revolutionaries

REL-R379         Religion and Philanthropy

REL-R381         Religion and Violence

REL-R383         Power, Sex, and Money

REL-R384         Religion, Ethics, and Health

REL-R386         Consumption, Ethics, and the Good Life

REL-R393         Comparative Religious Ethics

REL-R394         Militant Religion

REL-R395         Religion, Death, and Dying

REL-R396         Religion and Fantasy

REL-R397         Mormonism and American Culture

REL-R398         Women in American Indian Religions

REL-R433         Theories of Religion


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