Religious Studies courses divide into two tracks. Religious Traditions courses explore the history of religions, while Comparative and Thematic courses examine multiple religions, often with a topical focus.  Here are the courses we have offered in recent years. Click here for Course Descriptions.



            R300 Yoga Traditions

            R361 Hinduism and Buddhism


            R103 The Bible and Culture

            R111 The Bible

            R243 Introduction to New Testament

            R315 Hebrew Bible


            R120 Images of Jesus

            R180 Introduction to Christianity

            R325 Paul and His Influence in Early Christianity

            R329 Early Christianity

            R344 Reformations of the Sixteenth Century


            R257 Introduction to Islam

            R304 Islamic Beginnings

            R305 Islam and Modernity

            R370 Islam in America

The Americas

            R173 American Religion

            R312 Prophets, Captives and Converts: Autobiographies in American Religion

            R328 Afro-Diasporic Religions

            R363 African-American Religions

            R367 American Indian Religions

            R383 Power, Sex, and Money

            R397 Mormonism and American Culture


Introductory Courses

            R101 Religion and Culture

            R133 Introduction to Religion

            R212 Comparative Religions

Comparative Topics

            R300 Cults and Sects in America

            R323 Yuppie Yogis and Global Gurus

            R343 Religion and Contemporary Thought

            R348 Religion and Its Monsters

            R368 Religion and Healing

            R373 Pilgrimage in World Religions

            R379 Religion and Philanthropy

Gender, Race and Sexuality

            R301 Women and Religion

            R314 Religion and Racism

            R369 Sex, Love and Justice

            R398 Women in American Indian Religions

Power, Politics and Conflict

            R375 Religion Behind Bars

            R378 Revolution and Revolutionaries

            R381 Religion and Violence

            R394 Militant Religion


            R384 Religion, Ethics, and Health

            R386 Consumption, Ethics and the Good Life

            R393 Comparative Religious Ethics

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