Religious Studies Major

A student majoring in Religious Studies can expect to trot the globe studying the world's religions, actively participate in sacred rituals and ceremonies, all the while learning more about one's neighbor and ultimately about oneself.

Colby Hill, B.A. '13

The Religious Studies major is a 30-credit program that pairs well with many fields of study. Students combine their professional skills in natural science, pre-medicine, public health, nursing, social work, public affairs, philanthropic studies, secondary education, business, and technology with excellent writing and communication skills, the flexibility to conceptualize complex social and moral problems, and the cross-cultural understanding needed to build respectful relationships and teamwork.

Beyond the general distribution and credit hours required by the IU School of Liberal Arts for the Bachelor of Arts degree, students who choose to major in Religious Studies complete 30 credit hours of course work.

To ensure knowledge of the history and diversity of religious traditions, students complete coursework in the following areas (for lists of courses, see: CURRICULUM):

I. Religious Traditions (15 credit hours/5 courses)

II. Comparative and Thematic Studies (12 credit hours/4 courses)

III. Integrative Capstone: R433 Theories of Religion (taught only in fall semesters) (3 credit hours/1 course)

Including the Capstone seminar, 18 credit hours (and preferably 21 hours) must be taken at the 300-level or above. For courses to count toward the major, students must receive a C or better (C- and P do not qualify).

Students can declare a Religious Studies major either in the Office of Student Affairs, CA401, or online using the Declaration Form.

Students are invited to discuss their interest in or questions about the major with our department mentor, Prof. David Craig:; other faculty members; Shannon Kelly, the department's advisor; or our administrative support coordinator, Lisa Hoppes:

For a helpful summary of the major's requirements, please see our Religious Studies Major Checksheet.