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Posted on February 26th, 2019 in Language, Writing Strategies by University Writing Center

Written By: Tanner B.

Education often places writing in such a box and limits it to some realm of academic approach only. This is a very harmful stereotype about writing and in many ways, it takes the passion and purpose out of what writing can be. Writing is alive in our community and is breathing every day. Take local open mics for instance, spaces in which local poets, musicians, and comedians all write material that they then perform for an audience. Their conception of writing is very different from that of a student’s. Do not forget that you have a voice, an opinion, and feelings to express. Just because you’re a student and often your writing consists of essays or research papers, it doesn’t mean that your writing is only defined by that. Keep a journal! Write about your days! Write your feelings down and process them and your own subconscious thoughts. Language is a living, breathing entity, and it has incredible power. Don’t limit the scope of your writing to just academia. There’s a whole world of writing waiting out there! 

Attend a local open mic or a reading and you will discover the true magic hidden in language. When people make art and meaning of their writing, truly amazing things happen. They make real impact in the world and often their work touches on deeper truths of the human experience and the society around us. They create spaces of empathy and perspective. Some people even use writing as a tool of activism, and forward a political or social understanding in their work. Go find where writing lives and is shared, and create some yourself. Writing is a technology, and like other technologies, there are many different forms that it takes. Find what works for you and let your spirit echo across the page!