Writing Groups

The University Writing Center offers the opportunity to participate in semester-long Writing Groups. Participating in a Writing Group provides you with the chance to work with other writers, creating a community and supporting yourself and others through the academic process. Each group meets for 90 minutes per week and is facilitated by a graduate writing consultant, and all groups are overseen by our Writing Group and Write-on-Site Coordinator. At present, all meetings occur via Zoom.


Each group has 3-6 members. Although there is an attempt to group students together by discipline, availability becomes the most important consideration when scheduling a group. As a result, most groups are multidisciplinary. When a group is first organized, the facilitator spends time introducing a writing center approach to peer response to the group members. Participants discuss the difference between higher-order and lower-order concerns and how to provide productive feedback on structure and organization as well as sentence-level error.

In addition to a foundation of productive peer response methods, the facilitator works with students to determine their writing goals for the semester as individuals and as a group. It is expected that group members will read the writing of selected group members prior to the weekly meeting and prepare some feedback. During each group’s weekly meeting, the first 15 minutes are spent with group members checking in about their writing progress for the week and any updates they would like to share. The bulk of the meeting is spent providing spoken peer response about group members’ writing.

On occasion, the group will participate in a planning or writing activity during the group meeting, such as preparing a strategic plan for writing goals for the semester. The facilitator sees their role as to respond to writing in supportive and constructive ways and guide members to engage in this practice as well. The facilitator works with participants to focus on higher-order concerns, provide guidance on genre and disciplinary conventions, and build community.


Participating in a Writing Group is a semester-long commitment, which involves Attending and participating in weekly online meetings (approximately 90 min each week)

  • Reading and providing feedback for other writers in preparation of each meeting (approximately 60 min each week)
  • Receiving written and oral feedback about your own writing every 2-3 weeks during the weekly online meetings
  • Engaging in mini-workshops on writing-related topics such as providing writing feedback, addressing writer’s block, and time management strategies for writing at the beginning of weekly meetings

Additional Information

Calls for interest in graduate writing groups go out at the end and beginning of each semester. If you’d like to know more, write to us at uwc@iupui.edu. Make sure that the phrase “writing group” is in the subject line and that you address your message to the Writing Group and Write-on-Site Coordinator.