The UWC offers weekly, drop-in write-on-site programming for writers. The write-on-site program provides both a scheduled, recurring time for students to work on their projects and a supportive community of fellow writers. It’s a space for writers of all disciplines to come together to talk through their writing, receive support, and make progress on their projects.


Each week, the write-on-site program starts with time for writers to check in with each other about their writing, share what they’re struggling with, and receive helpful tips from their fellow writers. After this, everyone is given time to write. Writers are encouraged to attend every week, but weekly participation is not a requirement.

The write-on-site is a space for all types of writing that students might be asked to do, and for writing in every stage of the writing process. Writers can choose to stay for the whole event or to drop by and write for however long they would like.

Currently, this event is hosted online via Zoom, but we plan to return to a face-to-face model when social distancing is no longer a concern. For the time being, the virtual write-on-site helps to re-create some of the incidental socializing that’s missing from a socially-distanced experience, and helps to foster community among writers in a time that often makes this difficult.

Additional Information

For more information, please see this blog post that the write-on-site facilitator wrote about the event and feel free to write to us at uwc@iupui.edu. Make sure that the phrase “write-on-site” is in the subject line and that you address your message to the Writing Group and Write-on-Site Coordinator.