University Writing Center Blog

Posted on November 8th, 2017 by jch12

Meet KC! KC is a graduate student here at IUPUI studying English: Writing and Linguistics. She has been working in the University Writing Center for almost a year. Before she came to IUPUI she worked at Marian University Writing Center for four and a half years. When she’s not working at the UWC she loves to cook, who doesn’t love food? KC has accomplished much through the UWC. She’s mostly in charge of professional development projects. She also does some writing and publishing of her own writing center related work. She also helped consultants find funding, and “places to publish their work and helping to develop their projects.” What KC loves most about the Writing Center that it’s “a place where passion thrives.”

KC’s message to you! “We don’t bite! We just talk a lot, and that’s a good thing because writing is so much more than what’s on a page.” -KC