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Posted on January 17th, 2017 in Weekly Roundup by reaharri

Michael Joyce’s Second Act follows up on David Foster Wallace’s famous profile of the tennis player and is a reflection by the athlete on his career after it has ended.

Annie Heilbrunn writes of her reaction to the impending Chargers move to Los Angeles in an opinion piece in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Vice examines the habits of an 85-year-old marathon runner in this short feature video.

Tim Layden explores the special connection between Tom Brady and his receivers, as Brady prepares for his seventh AFC Championship game.

The death of former Butler University basketball player Andrew Smith hit the Butler and Indianapolis community hard. Indy Star writer David Woods talks to his widow, Samantha Smith, on the anniversary of his passing. 

Dirk Nowitzski discusses his interracial marriage with The Undefeated, from his encounters with new wedding traditions to his views on racial tension in the U.S.