Apply to IUPUI

Interesting in applying for an undergraduate or advanced degree at IUPUI or one of its affiliate schools? Please see the instructions below.

Undergraduate (Bachelor’s) Degree Programs

Students who pass PIE Level 5 meet the English proficiency requirements for undergraduate degree programs at IUPUI.

It is important to complete your IUPUI application BEFORE you finish at PIE. There are many steps, and it takes time to gather financial information and high school transcripts from your home country. You should start your IUPUI application as soon as possible after you start PIE.

If everything is in place except for your English proficiency, you will get CONDITIONAL ADMISSION to IUPUI. As soon as you pass Level 5, you will have full admission. The people who look at your application know about PIE and understand that you are studying at PIE and waiting to pass Level 5. They will look at all the other parts of your application.

PIE offers assistance to students applying to IUPUI undergraduate program. PIE’s Office Manager and tutors can help you, and PIE can arrange appointments with an admission advisor from the Office of International Affairs once a session.

Students with any type of non-immigrant visa apply to IUPUI as an “International Student.” International students can start an undergraduate degree program at IUPUI in August or January only. 

PIE students who are U.S. permanent residents, citizens, or have refugee or asylee status apply as a “Domestic Student” and not as an international student. Domestic students can start an undergraduate degree program at IUPUI in August, January, or May. 

Check out this guide for applying to IUPUI for international students.

Graduate Degree Programs (Master’s)

Students who pass PIE Level 7 meet the English proficiency requirement for Master’s programs at IUPUI, Purdue University West Lafayette, and often at Indiana State University. It is important to start your application to graduate school AT LEAST 6 MONTHS before you want to start. It is very important to make a contact in the department in which you want to study, and to be certain of all the requirements. It is quite common to have to show some additional test scores, like the GRE or GMAT test. 

You will need to provide three references and a personal statement. These are very important parts of your graduate school application. The references should be from people who know your academic work or your actual work experience. It’s appropriate for one reference to be a PIE teacher, but you should try to find other people from your previous academic studies to be references as well.

The personal statement is a specific type of writing. U.S. universities have expectations for how a personal statement should be written, and this may be different than what you are used to in your country. Therefore, it will be very helpful for you to ask for feedback on your personal statement from several PIE teachers. The personal statement can make the difference of whether you are accepted to a program or not.

PIE teachers and staff are happy to assist PIE students with any part of their graduate school application, and with making contacts in the department where you want to study.

Check out this guide for applying to graduate school.