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Posted on August 21st, 2023 in Announcements, Faculty, Teaching by Elizabeth W. Thill

The IUPUI Classical Studies Program is thrilled to announce a new full-time faculty member: Dr. Andy Findley! Funding requests for 150 days of celebratory games in his honor (including hippo hunts, where the hippos hunt the humans!) were denied, so we’ve settled for this post instead.

Dr. Findley has been part of the IUPUI CLAS community for several years, first as associate faculty (i.e. he taught classes for us) and then last year as Visiting Lecturer. After a lengthy process that rivaled the Argonauts’ quest for the Golden Fleece in its complexity and unexpected obstacles, Dr. Findley joins us as Lecturer in Classical Studies and Art History, and will be splitting his time and teaching with the Herron School of Art + Design. In the great Greek tradition of the invention of theater, and the Roman tradition of “bread and circuses,” Dr. Findley has already launched our Classics at the Kan-Kan film series, and promises more to come.

Dr. Findley’s cursus honorem (the list of accomplishments Roman officials put on their tombstone—just thinking ahead here) is quite impressive. Highlights include:

  • Research Fellow with the IUPUI Arts & Humanities Institute (IAHI)
  • Assistant Professor of Art History at Ivy Tech Community College Bloomington
  • Manager of Afghan Placement and Assistance Program with Catholic Charities Refugee and Immigration Services
  • Contributing Author for
  • Peace Corps Volunteer in Ali Bayramli, Azerbaijan

In order to get to know Dr. Findley a little better, we asked him some random questions about the Classical World.

Which Roman Emperor do you think would have the most success in the upcoming 2024 election?

DR. FINDLEY: Augustus (he’s the only answer, right?). I mean, they all bribed and murdered, but he did it with special skill.

Original Clash of the Titans or remake?

DR. FINDLEY: Original! It isn’t perfect, but I’ve often thought Sam Worthington’s success as an actor is just a Hollywood conspiracy to prove that they can make blockbuster movies using actors with no discernible charisma. He’s basically a prototype of a future A.I. actor.

Latin or Ancient Greek? And yes, it is a choice. No middle ground.

DR. FINDLEY: Greek. It’s more expressive. Which is why the smart Romans spoke it.

Who wins in a cage fight: Athena or Poseidon?

DR. FINDLEY: Pallas Athena, all day, everyday.