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This episode of Ancient HBO brought to you by CLAS-C 102 Ancient Roman Culture: Because Westeros has nothing on the past. Also, spoiler alerts, if that’s still a thing for OG Game of Thrones…

Daenerys Targaryen and her advisors were originally suspicious of Jon Snow when he told her that an army of the undead coming south should take priority over her quest for the Iron Throne, but at least he didn’t start the war in the first place. During the civil wars at the end of the Roman Republic, Julius Caesar claimed he had to invade Gaul (= modern France) to get revenge for a “barbarian invasion.” The fact that this “invasion” consisted of burning a few fields didn’t bother Caesar. He launched a war into Gaul, conquered the territory, looted it for all it was worth, and used the insane wealth he acquired to march on Rome. You know nothing, Jon Snow, indeed.

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