GEC + Classics Minor

APOLLO, GOD OF HIGHER LEARNING: Hey Sis, did you know you can use your GEC courses to earn 60% of a Classical Studies Minor?

ARTEMIS, GODDESS OF HUNTING: No, of course not. We can’t all have an oracle to tell us these things. Explain.

APOLLO: To graduate, every IUPUI student needs to fulfill the requirements of the General Education Core. Think of it as a series of pots you need to fill. Every student needs to fill 4 pots with 3 credits each: 1 Cultural Understanding (CU) pot + 1 Arts and Humanities (AH) pot + 1 Social Sciences (SS) pot + 1 pot of AH or SS. 12 credits total.

3 credits CU 3 credits AH 3 credits SS 3 credits AH/SS

ARTEMIS: Ok, but what does this have to do with a Classical Studies Minor? Get to the point, I’ve got hunting to do, cities to curse, human lives to destroy.

APOLLO: You always have human lives to destroy. The Classical Studies Program offers 6 different GEC courses, and you can use any of them towards the minor, as long as you stay within 6 credits for courses at the 100 level. So, you could mix and match like this:

3 credits CU
Ancient Sports C213
or Latin 1 L131
or Latin 2 L132
3 credits AH
Classical Myth C205
or Greek Culture C101
or Roman Culture C102
3 credits SS 3 credits AH
Classical Myth C205
or Greek Culture C101
or Roman Culture 102

ARTEMIS: And then I’d have 12 GEC credits in CLAS courses. You’re not the only one who can do math.

APOLLO: Exactly. And since the Classics Minor only requires 15 credits total, the only thing you’d have to do at that point to earn a Classics Minor is take 2 more classes at the 300+ level!

ARTEMIS: You sound suspiciously invested in this.

APOLLO: If humans fail to learn about us, we will fade into memory.

ARTEMIS: Meh, I’m not big on humans anyway.

APOLLO: You’ll lose your smiting powers.

ARTEMIS (notching bow): Where’s some students to get enrolled?