Individualized Major in Classical Studies

Understand the past to understand the future

In the Individualized Major in Classical Studies, you will encounter and interact with classical texts, material culture, languages, and myths — diving into the world of the ancients.

Degree Courses

Students in the Individualized Major Program work with a faculty member in Classical Studies to design their own curriculum. Students can draw on relevant courses in Classical Studies, Museum Studies, Art History, History, Philosophy, Anthropology, or more, as well as study abroad programs. Besides a minimum of 34 credit hours toward the major, the IMP Student must take 2 courses.

Required Courses

  • I360 Individualized Major Plan (1 cr.) The student works with a faculty member to design a curriculum, form a committee of three faculty members, and present that curriculum to the committee for approval.
  • I460 Individualized Major Senior Project (3-6 cr.) The student works with a faculty member to design a final project, such as an internship or research paper, that allows them to draw on the skills and interests they have learned in their classes.

Elective Courses

An additional 27-30 credits are earned through a wide variety of courses options. Work with your faculty mentor and/or your academic advisor to select the courses that suit your discovery of ancient culture and identity.

What studying Classics did for me?

Maddie Theaman studying abroad in Cyprus

“I pursued a BA in Classics because I was interested in learning about the languages and cultures of the ancient Mediterranean, but I gained much more. Courses on mythology, archaeology, and ancient literature helped me to develop my writing and communication skills, while also teaching me to critically evaluate evidence and question how we know what we know.

Not only were these skills transferable and helpful while simultaneously pursuing my BA in English Literature, but the myths and stories I read as part of my Classics courses were relevant to my Literature courses. Whether they provided context for modern literature or simply explored similar themes, my study of ancient literature allowed me to explore modern literature on a deeper level.

While completing my BA in Classics, I was able to study abroad for a summer in Cyprus and attend an archaeological field school, as well assist a professor with a research project involving the digitization of ancient Roman artifacts. Both experiences encouraged me to learn more about digitization and handling artifacts, and further diversified my skill set, making me more marketable to employers.

If you are considering a major or minor in Classics, or even just taking one course, I highly recommend it!”

— Maddie Theaman, ’20, BA Individualized Major Program (Classical Studies).
Maddie is now working on a masters in Library and Information Science at IUPUI.

Degree Map

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More Info

Contact Dr. Elizabeth Thill, Director of Classical Studies.