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Bernini Medusa

What do Shakespeare, Dante, Percy Jackson, and Game of Thrones all have in common? They all draw heavily on Classical Mythology, the myths of Ancient Greece and Rome. Learn about these important societies through the lens of the stories they told about themselves. Meet Achilles, a warrior searching for meaning on the battlefield. Meet Medea, a powerful woman raging against social conformity. Meet Hercules, Theseus, Perseus, and other heroes as they destroy their loved ones in a quest for glory. Visit the ancient world and see what it can tell us about ourselves.

CLAS-C 205 is a survey course that introduces you to Ancient Greek and Roman culture, both as distinct past societies, and forces that continues to shape modern life. By studying representative works of art, artifacts, and literature, you will explore topics including:

  • art
  • architecture
  • literature
  • philosophy
  • politics
  • theater; and
  • religion.

Most importantly, you will also learn to think critically about important questions: How was ancient society organized? What was daily-life like for various groups (elite and poor, free and enslaved, male and female…)? How do we interpret different types of evidence about the past, including written and archaeological sources? How do ancient cultures continue to shape the world we inhabit today?

Fun Facts:

  • GEC Arts and Humanities
  • offered in-person and online asynchronous
  • full semester, 2nd 8-week, summer sessions
  • can be applied to the Classical Studies Minor
  • 3 credits

Coming Next: Summer 2023

Summer I (6361)
  • 05/09 – 06/21 2023
  • Online Asynchronous
  • Prof. Crystal Rosenthal
Summer II (6602)
  • 06/26 – 08/07 2023
  • Online Asynchronous
  • Prof. Crystal Rosenthal

Fall 2023

In Person
  • MW 10:30–11:45 AM (22123)
  • TuTh 12:00–1:15 PM (23393)
Online Asynchronous
  • 2 sections (25379, 23393)
  • Dr. Kathryn Lauten

Recent Offerings

Spring 2023
    • MW 10:30 – 11:45 AM (Dr. Andy Findley)
    • TR 10:30 – 11:45 AM (Dr. Andy Findley)
    • online asynchronous (2 sections, Dr. Kathryn Lauren)
    • 2nd 8 wk: online asynchronous (Prof. Melissa Trahyn)
Fall 2022
  • MW 10:30 – 11:45 AM (Dr. Andy Findley)
  • TR 10:30 – 11:45 AM (Dr. Andy Findley)
  • online asynchronous (2 sections, Dr. Martha Payne)