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This episode of Ancient HBO brought to you by CLAS-C 102 Ancient Roman Culture: Because Westeros has nothing on the past. Also, spoiler alerts, if that’s still a thing for OG Game of Thrones…

The Battle of the Bastards saw Jon Snow and his army encircled and mowed down by the forces of Ramsey Bolton. But at least they were rescued by Sansa Stark and the Knights of the Vale. In the Battle of Cannae in the Second Punic War, the Carthaginians, led by their general Hannibal, lured the Roman soldiers into a surprise envelopment. Once they had their enemies encircled, they hacked and cut their way to the center, slaughtering virtually every Roman soldier. It’s estimated that Rome lost nearly 70,000 casualties, a casualty rate not seen again until World War I. Yet the Romans went on to win the war and take over their world. You know nothing, Jon Snow, once again.

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