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Jason Guy

Lecturer, Computer Graphics Technology
(317) 278-7322
ET 309L



Jason graduated with honors from IUPUI in 2004. Shortly thereafter, Jason landed his first game industry job with Poptop Software who were known for making “Tropico” and “Railroad Tycoon 3”. In a little over a year, Jason shipped his first title, “Shattered Union” (PC, XBOX), a little known but highly rated strategy game as an environment artist. Jason was then transferred to Firaxis Games in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Jason shipped three AAA titles while working there; “Sid Meier’s Railroads!” (PC), “Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution” (XBOX 360, PS3), and “Sid Meier’s Civilization V” (PC) where he was as environment artist, lead environmental artist and artist III respectively.

As an Environmental Artist, Jason was responsible for the majority of screen real estate, creating almost everything that didn’t include a character (texture, height map, foliage, trees, roads, bridges, clutter, buildings and landmarks). As Artist III, Jason was responsible for the creation of all structures, including cities, upgrades and wonders. Jason also helped the unit team and created a wide range of naval vessels for Civilization V.

Since 2011, Jason has been teaching full time at IUPUI. When he isn’t taking care of three kids, he is still an active gamer and enjoys almost all forms of nerdery.



M.S. Technology, Purdue University
B.S. New Media, Indiana University
A.S. Commercial Art, Vincennes University


ET 309L