Certificate in ASL / English Interpreting

In addition to a major and a minor, the Program for American Sign Language / English Interpreting offers a certificate. This certificate is designed for students, who have already completed any 4-year bachelor’s degree. Our program is on-campus in Indianapolis and takes advantage of the internship and practicum experiences around the city. We do not offer an online degree.

ASL/English Interpreting Program Application

Students are required to complete the ASL/English Interpreting Program Application to be considered for acceptance into the SLA/English Interpreting Program.

You can submit your application from February 1, 2023, through June 1, 2023, with the exception of the Sign Language Proficiency Interview, ASL (SLPI), which needs to be completed no later than April 14, 2023.

Requirements for the Certificate

The Certificate can be earned in 6 semesters.

Second year proficiency in American Sign Language required (completion of ASL-A 212: Second Year ASL II at IUPUI).

  • 36 hours of coursework from within the core major courses
  • 2.7 cumulative GPA (Grade Point Average)
  • 3.0 GPA in core interpreting courses

Core Courses

  • ASL (American Sign Language) I250 Introduction to Interpreting (3 credits)
  • ASL A219 History and Culture of the American Deaf Community (3 credits)
  • ASL A221 Linguistics of ASL (3 credits)
  • ENG Z205 Introduction to the English Language (3 credits)
  • ASL I305 Text Analysis (3 credits)
  • ASL L340 Interpreting Discourse: ASL to English (3 credits)
  • ASL L342 Interpreting Discourse: English to ASL (3 credits)
  • ASL I361 Theory & Process of Interpreting I (3 credits)
  • ASL I363 Theory & Process of Interpreting II (3 credits)
  • ASL I365 Theory & Process of Interpreting III (3 credits)
  • ASL I405 Practicum (6 credits)

Degree Map

To help you guide your four-year college journey, consult your degree map for a snapshot of classes you will be taking to finish your degree.

More Info

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