Undergraduate Programs

IUPUI students can either major or minor in political science. A major consists of 33 hours of coursework, while a minor consists of 15 hours of coursework. See major and minor pages within this site for more details.

IUPUI students interested in working as a paralegal can major in Law in Liberal Arts or earn a Paralegal Studies Certificate. A major consists of 33 credit hours of coursework. The certificate consists of 29 credit hours of coursework. See the Law in Liberal Arts and Paralegal Certificate pages for more details. 

IUPUI students interested in attending law school can minor in Legal Studies. The minor consists of 15 hours of course work. 

IUPUI freshmen interested in attending the IU McKinney School of Law – Indianapolis may be interested in our 6 year BA/JD program. This program allows students to earn a Bachelor of Arts through our Law in Liberal Arts program and a Juris Doctorate from McKinney in six years instead of seven years. See the Law in Liberal Arts page for more information.