• Undergraduate major and minor: For all questions, please contact our Director of Undergraduate Studies Scott Wallace (Cavanaugh Hall 504G; Tel: 317-278 5733).
  • Paralegal studies certificate or Law in Liberal Arts majors: Please contact the paralegal studies advisorShana Stump (Cavanaugh Hall 504B; Tel: 317-278 7558).
  • Graduate students: Please contact Director of Graduate Studies John McCormick (Cavanaugh Hall 504J; Tel: 317-274 4066).
  • Legal studies minor and Paralegal Internship Director: Please contact Erin Engels (Cavanaugh Hall 503E; Tel: 317-278-0442).
  • Internship Director: Please contact Erin Engels (Cavanaugh Hall 503E; Tel: 317-278-0442).

For general questions relating to programs of study in the School of Liberal Arts, please contact the Office of Student Affairs (Cavanaugh Hall 441; Tel: 317-274 1456), which also maintains more detailed information on Political Science major, minor and degree requirements.

If you have tried contacting them via email and phone and do not receive a response after two full days, please contact the Political Science Chair, Scott Pegg or 317-278-5749.

Political Science major check list.

Law in Liberal Arts degree map.