Welcome to the Department of Political Science at IUPUI

Political science is one of the most popular courses of study for students in the School of Liberal Arts: we have more than 150 majors, about 30-40 minors, and more than 2500 students enroll in our classes each year - yet we still manage to keep our classes small, with plenty of faculty-student interaction.

The department has 10 full-time faculty and more than 25 part-time faculty, who among them teach undergraduate classes across the whole spectrum of political science. We offer about 50 sections each semester, including introductory and advanced classes in American government, comparative politics, international relations, political theory, and public policy. As well as a major and a minor in political science, we also offer a Masters Degree in Political Science and certificate or minor programs in Legal Studies and Paralegal Studies.

The Department provides plenty of opportunities for students to become involved in politics and law inside and outside class:

Our students are given insight into how government works in Indiana, in the United States, and in countries all over the world. They are trained to be critical observers, and informed, active participants, and are prepared for a variety of careers in everything from politics to teaching, law, public administration and business.

For more information on the Department and our courses, contact Department chair Aaron Dusso


We are on the fifth floor of Cavanaugh Hall, in the center of campus, immediately east of the Campus Center and south of University Tower. The Department office is in room 504J.


Department Chair: Aaron Dusso

US politics: Bill Blomquist, Aaron Dusso, Amanda Friesen
Comparative politics: John McCormick
International relations: Tijen Demirel-Pegg, Scott Pegg, Scott Wallace
Law: Bill Blomquist, Erin Engels, Shana Stump
Public policy: Bill Blomquist, John McCormick
State and local politics: Bill Blomquist

Advisor: Chris Schumerth (CA401)
Director of Undergraduate Studies/Faculty Mentor: Scott Wallace
Director of Paralegal Studies Program: Erin Engels
Graduate Certificate in Survey Research: Bill Blomquist
Political Science Internship coordinator: Erin Engels
Paralegal Studies Internship coordinator: Erin Engels
Paralegal Studies Certificate, Faculty Mentor: Shana Stump
Pre-law advisor: Erin Engels
BA/JD Program advisor: Erin Engels
Law in Liberal Arts Major, Faculty Mentor: Shana Stump
Pi Sigma Alpha advisor: Scott Wallace
Global and International Studies Advisor: Chris Schumerth
Global and International Studies Faculty Mentor: Tijen Demirel-Pegg