Departmental Awards

The Department of Philosophy offers a number of awards to graduate and undergraduate students.

Some of these awards are granted (annually or nearly annually) by the full-time philosophy faculty to philosophy majors or graduate students on the basis of academic achievement. They include the Laurence Lampert Scholarship and the John Riteris Memorial Scholarship, and Academic Achievement Award, and the Terry Helene Mills Award, each of which recognizes academic excellence in philosophy at the undergraduate level. They also include the Sophia Scholarship in Philosophy, which recognizes, at the graduate or undergraduate level, excellence and strong commitment to the study of philosophy; and the Jean Martin Maxwell Prize, awarded by the Institute for American Thought in conjunction with the Department of Philosophy for a superior essay in American philosophy.

In addition, each year philosophy MA students may apply for a Burke/Tilley Grant to offset the costs of such things as travel to professional conferences and PhD program application fees. Burke/Tilley grants are awarded on the basis not only of need, but of academic excellence and satisfactory progress in the MA program. The point of contact for Burke/Tilley grants is Prof. Cornelis de Waal (317-274-2171).

Finally, excellent MA students interested in Bioethics may apply for a Brand Fellowship, which includes a $10,000 stipend from which health and dental insurance will be drawn, if needed. The purpose of the fellowship is to support a research project that concretely applies philosophical/ethical principles to real-life situations in the health care or biomedical research context.

Click here for more information about these awards and application forms for the Brand Fellowship and Burke/Tilley grants.