Dr. Ronda Henry Anthony Welcome to the Olaniyan Scholars Program website.  My name is Dr. Ronda C. Henry Anthony, and I want to introduce you to a wonderful undergraduate research program facilitated through Africana Studies in the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI.  This program promotes the development of undergraduate research, community engagement, and study abroad experiences.  The program's scholarly and academic activities, as well as the scholarship and research produced, focus on people of African descent.  This program provides exciting opportunities for students, as well as aiding in providing the financial support students needs to focus on and succeed in achieving their academic and professional goals. 

The program emphasizes undergraduate research, community engagement, and study abroad opportunities.  Scholars work with full-time faculty mentors to develop a research project that they can then present at conferences, symposiums, and undergraduate research forums.  This work can also be used to garner further funding and support for scholars.  The program also encourages community engagement, which allows scholars to work with community partners to enrich the lives of people of color in Indianapolis.

As you can tell this is an absolutely wonderful opportunity for students, demonstrating IUPUI's, Africana Studies, and the IU School of Liberal Arts' commitment to the lives, histories, traditions, and communities of people of African descent.  Moreover, it also shows the university's commitment to developing a cohort of academically-gifted and professionally-equipped graduates who are prepared to make an impact in a culturally-diverse world.  I am very grateful to be a part of such an awesome endeavor, and I hope that you will also have the opportunity to share in making this program an unqualified success!

Best Wishes,

Dr. Ronda C. Henry Anthony
Public Scholar of African American Studies and Undergraduate Research
Associate Professor of English and Africana Studies