Welcome to Motorsports Studies

Indianapolis is the "Racing Capital of the World," and it is a great place to pursue a career in the motorsports industry. As the home of a Certificate in Motorsports Studies, the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI offers students an opportunity to learn about the many different kinds of motorsports and the motorsports industry in general. The Certificate will also assist students who seek to develop skills for a career in a field related to motorsports. The Certificate in Motorsports is for people interested in topics like the history of motorsports, women in motorsports, race and ethnicity and motorsports, and the economics of motorsports. In addition to a general track in motorsports studies, special tracks are available for students interested in communication and public relations; business, finance, and management; and tourism and event management.

The Certificate is interdisciplinary and draws on the expertise of the School of Engineering and Technology and their BS in Motorsports Engineering, and, depending upon a student’s interests, may include courses taught in the Schools of Business, Journalism, and Physical Education and Tourism Management.