Essay Winners Archive



  Allison K. Muzzey (Undergraduate) 

“The Relationship between Sexually Coercive Experience Frequency, Coping, Social Support, Sexual and Mental Health in Adult Women”

  Angela B. Potter (Graduate) 

“Writing Modern Sex Education: Indianapolis’ Sex Education Curricula, 1948–1975”


 Sarah Bahr (Undergraduate)

A Culpable Culture: An Investigation of the Underlying Cultural Factors in the Obesity Epidemic Among Hispanic Women

Miriam Neufeld (Graduate)

An Honor to Make the Sacrifice: The Perceptions of the Subjects, the Researchers and the Media covering the Minnesota Starvation Experiment 


 George Kane (Undergraduate)

The Ethos of Medical Decisions

Kathi Coon Badertscher (Graduate)

A New Wishard Is On The Way


Jimmy Daruwala (Undergraduate)

Gabapentin—A Case Study in Conflict of Interest

Brian Doyle (Graduate)

Anton Checkhov and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Medical Heritage and their Fiction


George Kane (Undergraduate)
Tom Swift and His Electric Human

Sara Kahn (Undergraduate)
Health Care Reform: The Great Debate

Michael Johns
Health Care Reform in America: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Natalia Slain (Undergraduate)
Collaboration in Health Care: Integrating Traditional Medicine and Modern Biomedicine in Comprehensive Health Programs in Sub-Saharan Africa

Jill Lauren Kauffman (Graduate)
The Vigil of Breathing and Decay: The Prose Poetics of Illness, Body, and Ethics


Pat Barrett
Dueling Autonomy - An analysis of the relationship between patient and physician autonomy

Honorable Mentions:

R.J. Metz
The Rise and Fall of a Surgical Procedure: The Rotationplasty for PFFD

Joseph P. Smith
A 23-year-old homeless man with Type I diabetes mellitus - A Case Report


Daniel Rieger (Graduate)
  Standard of Care in Guidelines, Literature, and Developing Countries

Kathryn Wilmot (Graduate)
The Indiana Hospital for the Insane: Varying Perspectives of Moral Treatment Landscape


Haley A. Billington (Undergraduate)
The Impact of Gender Inequality on HIV/AIDS in Africa

Brandon P. Brown (Graduate)
The Industry of Fertility 

Eric Douglas Morrell (Graduate)
Dysfunctional Definitions of Dysfunction


Nicole Paddock (Undergraduate) 
Hospice: A Haven for the Dying or Just Another Regulated Medical Institution?

Nicholas L. Nussbaum (Graduate)
J. H. Kellogg: A Critical Analysis of His Central Theories


Beth Windisch (Undergraduate) 
Midwives in the Muslim World

Nick Werne (Graduate) 
Hemochromatosis: Discovery and the Evolution of Therapy


Theresa Martin (Undergraduate) 
Understanding Female Genital Cutting as More Than a Medical Decision

Jennifer Vibul (Graduate)
Making Sense of Menstruation: From Plethora to Progesterone


Joanne Goldbort (Graduate) 
Postpartum Depression: Bridging the Gap Between Medicalized Birth and Social Support.

Lori A. Brister Hurst (Graduate)
Spirituality in Medicine: Utilitarianism vs. Principalism, and Putting God to the Test.


Mary Kathleen Martinie (Graduate) 
Inside the Glass Box


John Phillip Hundley (Undergraduate) 
"We Are Compelled as Practical Men to Do Something": Frederick Madison Allen and the "Starvation" Treatment of Diabetes: 1913-1922.

Danel Michelle Nickels (Graduate)
Casting the Discovery Net Too Wide in a Sea of Privacy?: Defense Attempts to Disclose Nonparty Medical Records in a Civil Action.