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* = Co-sponsored John Shaw Billings History of Medicine Talk


"Life Imitates Art Imitates Life: My Illness Through an Artistic Lens" - Jan Lucas, 02.24.20

"How to Prepare for a Career in Bioethics" - Jane Hartsock, J.D., M.A., 01.23.20


"T'ai Chi: Ancient Wisdom on Health Maintenance Exercises" - Jing Wang, Ph.D., 12.04.19

* "History of IU School of Medicine, Part 2" - Bill Schneider, Ph.D., 11.12.19

"African-Americans and Medical Care in 20th-Century Indianapolis: Why Did I Not Know This?" - Leon Bates, M.A., 11.06.19

* "The Monster Mash: The Science Behind Monster Legends" - Bill Sullivan, Ph.D., 10.08.19

"A Tale of Two Healthcare Systems: The United States and France" - Zacharie Brahmi, 09.26.19

"The Road Taken: A Journey Down the One that Wanted Wear" - Ellen Einterz, M.D., 02.27.19

"From the Gallows to the Dissection Table: Lessons in Medical Humanities" - Rebecca Messbarger, Ph.D., 02.20.19

  • Click here for the bibliography
  • If you are a current IUPUI student, click "Use a Mediasite Login" and proceed to enter your IU username and password in order to watch the video


"Prognosis Related Communication and End of Life Care Outcomes in Advanced Cancer" - Paul Helft, M.D., 02.15.17

"Ethical Conflicts in Surrogate Decision Making Around End of Life" - Rohit Devnani, M.D., 01.19.17

MHHS has sponsored the following symposia, conferences, and welcomed public figures, with both internal and external funding and broad collaboration with campus, community and national organizations:

2009  The Life You Can Save: Acting Now to End World Poverty 

Philosopher and one of TIME magazine's "Top 100 Most Influential People in the World" Peter Singer discussed his upcoming book, THE LIFE YOU CAN SAVE: Acting Now to End World Poverty, and a variety of ethical arguments, provocative thought experiments, and case studies that explore our current response to world poverty.

2008  Cancer Stories - The Impact of Narrative on a Modern Malady, a collaborative effort of the Simon Cancer Center, (IU School of Medicine), MHHS Program, and Dept. of English (IUPUI)

A three-day symposium organized around the premise that narratives about cancer in prose, poetry, performance and the visual arts have influenced the ways in which cancer is experienced.

  • Keynote speakers: Arthur Frank, David Cantor, Martha Stoddard Holmes                   
  • Research Workshop: Special journal issue of Literature and Medicine in press.
  • Click here to visit the project’s official website, click here to see a complete Program, or click here to download a Sound Medicine interview     with Symposium plenary speaker, Martha Stoddard Holmes, Ph.D.                   

2007  Indiana Eugenics: History and Legacy, 1907-2007, a multi-faceted project that included the symposium, a physical exhibit at the Indiana State Library, a new historical marker across from the state capitol building, a CLE course at the state supreme court, and passing of a concurrent legislative resolution to mark the centennial of and express regret for the world’s first eugenic sterilization law in Indiana by the 115th Indiana General Assembly.

  • Keynote speakers: Daniel Kevles, PhD (Yale University), Joe Palca, PhD (NPR)                   
  • Moderator: Barbara Lewis (WFYI)
  • Edited volume A Century of Eugenics in America - From the Indiana Experiment to the Human Genome Era, to be available 12/01/2010.                   

2006   Health and Philanthropy (assisted the Center on Philanthropy, and edited papers for publication)

2004   Blame and Responsibility in Medicine (funding from Clarian Values)

  • Keynote speaker: Eric J. Cassell, M.D., Cornell University

2000   High Risk Pregnancy: Clinical, Ethical, and Policy Issues
 (co-sponsored with Indiana Section, ACOG)

The following are examples of current and recent five years’ funded research:

Dr. Emily Beckman, PI:

  • Literature and Medicine: Humanities at the Heart of Indiana Healthcare.  (NEH-Indiana Humanities Council), ES Beckman, PI

Dr. Richard Gunderman, PI:

  • The Face of Radiology (The American College of Radiology), RB Gunderman, PI

Dr. Phil Scarpino, PI

  • 125 Years of Indiana Pharmacy-A History of Indiana’s Pharmacy Assn.(Indiana Pharmacists Alliance), Phil Scarpino, History, PI

Dr. Ch. Didier Gondola, PI

  • The Historical Context of the Emergence of Epidemic HIVs in Sub Saharan Africa (IUPUI International Development Fund), June 2011-April 2012

Dr. William Schneider, PI 

  • An International Collaboration on the Political, Social, and Cultural History of the Emergence of HIV/AIDS (NEH), WH Schneider, PI
  • The History of Western Medicine in China, 1800-1950 (Henry Luce Foundation), WH Schneider, PI
  • Collaboration in Medical Humanities and Social Work between Peking University Health Science Center and IUPUI (International Development Fund grant), WH Schneider, PI
  • The History of Western Medicine in China, 1800-1950 (IU New Frontiers/New Perspectives grant), WH Schneider, PI
  • Historical and anthropological approaches to transfusion safety in Africa: donation, medical (mis)use, public policy and organizational models in Cameroon and Uganda (Agence Nationale de Recherche sur le Sida et le hepatitis [French National AIDS Research Agency]) WH Schneider, Co-PI
  • Epidemiology and clinical patterns of HIV and SIV viruses in Western Cameroon (NIH), WH Schneider, Consultant
  • History of Western Medicine in China - Planning Grant (Rockefeller Archive Center) WH Schneider, PI
  • Fit to Breed: A virtual exhibit (external: NEH-Indiana Humanities Council; internal: MURI & IU New Frontiers grant) WH Schneider, Project Director/Teaching Co-Mentor; YB Hong, Herron School of Art & Design, Co-Mentor
  • Indiana and the Legacy of State and Local Eugenics, 1907-2007 (NIH), WH Schneider, PI
  • History of Blood Transfusion in Sub-Saharan Africa (Fulbright), WH Schneider, PI
  • Alan Gregg: Profile in Science and Philanthropy (Rockefeller Archive Center), WH Schneider, PI
  • Translation, Editing and Annotation of Ludwik Hirzfeld, The Story of One Life (NIH), WH Schneider, PI