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Our Mission

Our mission is to fill a much needed demand for interdisciplinary preparation of undergraduates to understand the qualitative humanistic and socio-cultural context of health care in contrast to the clinical/objective approach traditionally taken in biomedicine, and to develop informed graduates with analytical skills, cultural awareness, and ethical sensitivity.

The BA in MHHS is unique, being among the first comprehensive MHHS degrees offered to undergraduates nationwide. The major entails successful completion of a minimum of 120 credit hours: 90 credit hours will satisfy the School of Liberal Arts general education requirements, and 30 credit hours will satisfy the major concentration.

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What can YOU do with a degree in Medical Humanities & Health Studies?

An academic foundation in MHHS can be valuable to students pursuing virtually any career path, including but not limited to social/economic research, medicine, allied health professions, dentistry, health law, medical social work, nursing, public health, and public policy studies.

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Contact Judi Izuka-Campbell (, our undergraduate advisor, if you are interested in pursing a major or a minor in Medical Humanities & Health Studies.

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