In addition to your major, your LAMP certificate includes 29 credit hours of study. The Liberal Arts part of the program requires 15 hours and the business part requires 14 hours. The program is very flexible on the Liberal Arts side with a variety of courses available to fulfill the certificate’s three seminar requirements.

Download the checksheet for the LAMP certificate

On the liberal arts side, those include:

  • ECON-E 201: Introduction to Microeconomics
  • ECON-E 202: Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • LAMP-L 216: LAMP Sophomore Seminar, Business and Humanities 
  • LAMP-L 316: LAMP Junior Seminar, Analytical Problem Solving
  • LAMP-L 416: LAMP Senior Seminar, Liberal Arts and Management

On the business side, your coursework will include:

  • BUS-A 200: Foundations of Accounting
  • BUS-L 203: Commercial Law
  • BUS-X 300: Career Planning for Non-Business Majors
  • BUS-Z 340: Introduction to Human Resources 
  • An elective in either entrepreneurship, financial management, marketing, operations management or business-function management from the following:
    • BUS-W 212: Explore Entrepreneurship 
    • BUS-F 300: Introductory Financial Management
    • BUS-M 300: Introduction to Marketing
    • BUS-P 300: Introduction to Operations Management

Throughout the program, you’ll work with students from many different areas of study to bridge the liberal arts and business. And you’ll be immersed in the kinds of problem-solving challenges employees face in the workplace.