This undergraduate Certificate is designed for students who are interested in journalism but want to major in another subject at IUPUI. The Certificate offers professional training in journalism and mass communication. In addition to developing skills in writing, reporting, storytelling and editing; visual communication; and new communications technology, students gain research techniques, analytical thinking, technical know-how, teamwork and versatility. These are exactly the skills that today’s employers are looking for.

The Certificate curriculum prepares students to be effective, ethical communicators regardless of the profession they choose. They learn to analyze and explain information to a wide variety of audiences via many kinds of ever-changing media. Students might pursue careers such as reporting, editing, photography or social media management, or decide to seek a job in public relations, government, education, advertising, business, international relations, law, social services or a related field.

Courses provide hands-on experience in “doing” journalism—through classwork, internships or other endeavors, students get to practice what they learn, adding to their skill sets, resumes and portfolios.

  • Admission to the Certificate program in Journalism requires the following:
    • Minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0.
    • Completion of 15 credit hours
  • The Certificate program in Journalism requires satisfactory completion of the following:
    • Completion of a total of 25 credit hours, with a minimum grade of C in each course.
  • Contact both the Journalism and Public Relations Academic Advisor and the School of Liberal Arts Student Affairs office, located in CA 401, to complete the necessary paperwork to officially declare the certificate.
  • Core Requirements (16 credits)
    • JOUR J110 Foundations of Journalism and Mass Communications
    • JOUR J200 Reporting, Writing, and Editing I [P: ENG-W 131]
    • JOUR J210 Visual Communication
    • JOUR J300 Communications Law [P: Sophomore standing]
    • JOUR J410 Media as Social Institutions (capstone) [P: JOUR J300 & Junior standing or above]
    • JOUR J492 Media Internship [P: By permission] (1 credit) 
  •  Area Core Requirements (9 credits)
    • JOUR J341 Newspaper Reporting [P: JOUR J200 & JOUR J210]
    • JOUR J351 Newspaper Editing [P: JOUR J200 & JOUR J210]
    • Choose one specialty course from the following:
      • JOUR J343 Broadcast News [P: JOUR J200 & JOUR J210]
      • JOUR J344 Photojournalism Reporting [P: JOUR J200 & JOUR J210]
      • JOUR J463 Graphic Design I [P: JOUR J200 & JOUR J210]

For more information please contact the Journalism and Public Relations Academic Advisor, 317-274-3976, located in Cavanaugh Hall (CA) 401.

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