Recent Internships

Internships not only are required as part of the bachelor’s degree, but they also enhance classwork with real-world experience.

Meet a few recent interns:

Miche Smith

Junior; WTHR television station, reporting intern

“Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the first thing I would do is sit in the daily morning meeting at 9:30. After hearing the story pitches made by reporters, I got to decide which reporter I wanted to spend the day researching with based on what I was interested in. Honestly, I loved every bit of the job. There was never a moment that I didn’t enjoy. The definite highlight was for the first time in the history of the internship program at WTHR, they allowed me and another intern to write and report our own story that aired on the 5 p.m. show This was by far the icing on the cake. It was such an awesome process to be given an assignment, shoot a web version on an iPhone, write a post for the website and go to IUPUI to interview students with a photographer.”

Scott Goodwin
Junior; The Mind Trust (a non-profit organization working for education reform), communications intern

“On a day to day basis, my job mostly consists of content creation. This can include writing a company newsletter, media advisories, press releases and even op-ed pieces. Overall, I have been charged with revamping The Mind Trust’s social media platforms. Between writing everyday content, I also work on brand positioning and engaging new audiences through new and innovative means. I truly appreciate the fact that I can see the impact I have on the work being done at The Mind Trust. Many interns get thrown in a corner to do busy work, or to just grab coffee, but I was immediately given real responsibility and was made to feel that my voice and ideas mattered.”