FAQ: The Internship Process

How do I earn credit for my internship?

All students working toward a degree in journalism at IUPUI must complete an internship in their field before graduation.

For-credit internships must be approved by the Department of Journalism and Public Relations to ensure that students are gaining valuable knowledge and hands-on experience in the industry. To seek approval:

  • Public relations students: First, be sure you are ready for an internship. You must complete JOUR-J219, JOUR-J340 and JOUR-J390 first.

    Once you've received an internship, have your supervisor (your day-to-day contact) at the internship contact Fred Bagg (, public relations lecturer and internship coordinator, with the following information: A statement that you have been chosen; start date; end date; number of hours per week you will be working for the organization; and a bullet-pointed list of general tasks you will be doing.
  • Journalism and sports journalism students: It is recommended that you complete JOUR-J200 and JOUR-J210 before doing an internship. For approval, contact Emily Turnier, director of outreach and career services. Please provide a detailed description of the internship and your supervisor's name and contact information. 

Students must work 15 to 20 hours each week of the semester under the direction of a journalist or public relations practitioner.

Once the internship has been approved, the student will be given permission to enroll in the J492 Media Internship course for that particular semester. Students should submit this form before they start their internship.

What is J492 Media Internship?

After successful completion of J492, students will earn college credit for their internship. J492, a one-credit, pass/fail class, does not meet in a classroom; it is completed on an independent study basis with an instructor at the Department of Journalism and Public Relations. The requirements for the course include but are not limited to progress reports and a final report and a portfolio.

What do I need to know about non-credit internships?

If your internship employer does not require college credit and you don't want to earn credit for your internship, you do not need approval from the Department of Journalism and Public Relations. However, it is important that you are prepared for your internship. Students should successfully complete the following courses before seeking an internship:

  • Public relations students: JOUR-J219, JOUR-J340 and JOUR-J390
  • Journalism students: JOUR-J200 and JOUR-J210 (and preferably JOUR-J341)
  • Sports journalism students: JOUR-J150, JOUR-J200 and JOUR-J210 (and preferably JOUR-J345)

I’m having trouble finding an internship. What should I do?

Public relations students: Fred Bagg, 
Journalism and sports journalism students: Emily Turnier,, 317-278-5322