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The Department of Journalism a­nd Public Relations at IUPUI welcomes students from all over the world who are drawn to a master’s degree program tailored to their career goals. Students may specialize in sports journalism, or three areas of public relations: Management, sports or health and science. These specialty areas allow students to fine-tune the focus of their work and become experts in their fields.

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With Indianapolis as a training ground, students work on projects and portfolios tapping into the city’s medical facilities and health organizations and its many public relations firms.

The city also has cultivated a reputation as a sports center. It is home to NFL, NBA, WNBA, AAA baseball, soccer and other sports teams, as well as headquarters for many national sports governing bodies. Indianapolis also sponsors a wide variety of national and international sporting events. Past examples include NCAA basketball championships, the Super Bowl, the Pan Am Games, Olympic trials, international gymnastics championships, PGA golf tournaments, world-class tennis and more.

The master’s degree in sports journalism capitalizes on faculty who come from long careers at top media organizations. Students working on master’s degrees have access to a long list of professionals as mentors and supporters.

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