The minor in International Studies is a 15 credit hour interdisciplinary minor housed within the School of Liberal Arts.

The requirements are as follows:

  • 3 credit I100 Introduction to International Studies interdisciplinary required introductory course
  • 3 credit "Windows on the World" requirement from one of the following four courses:
    • ANTH A104/A304 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
    • GEOG G130 World Geography
    • HIST H109 Perspectives on the World Since 1800
    • REL R133 Introduction to Religion
    • POLS Y219 Introduction to International Relations.
  • Advanced World Languages studies (prerequisite):
    • Students starting before Fall 2013 must achieve second-year proficiency by completing the 200-level cycle of a modern foreign language.  (Native speakers of foreign languages or students testing into third-year studies must complete one 300/400-level course from World Languages and Cultures.) 
    • Students starting during or after Fall 2013, when Liberal Arts revised language requirements for all majors, must complete one 300-level, third-year course from the World Languages Courses list. 
  • Electives (9 Cr.): Any courses selected from the approved International Studies Area and Thematic concentrations course list as long as they come from at least 2 different departments.
    • Students might wish to complete these 9 credits from one of the specific area or thematic concentrations to facilitate transferring to the major later.
    • Completing the courses from one area or thematic concentration is not, however, required for the minor.

Download a student checklist for completing the IS Minor