The minor in Global and International Studies is a 15-credit hour interdisciplinary concentration housed within the School of Liberal Arts. Requirements for the minor complement most majors at IUPUI. The introductory survey courses satisfy General Education requirements for Cultural Understanding, Social Sciences, and Arts & Humanities, while most electives count towards students’ major requirements. Taken together, the inter-disciplinary courses help students develop a broad awareness of the major cultural, political, and economic forces at work in the twenty-first century, better equipping you to pursue a professional career or graduate studies in an interdependent world.

The requirements are as follows:

  • INTL I100 Introduction to International Studies (Cultural Understanding Gen Ed course)

  • "Windows on the World" requirement – select one of the following global studies surveys:
    • ANTH A104 Cultural Anthropology
    • GEOG G130 World Geography (Social Sciences Gen Ed course)
    • HIST H109 Perspectives on the World Since 1800 (Social Sciences Gen Ed course)
    • REL R133 Introduction to Religion (Arts & Humanities Gen Ed course)
    • POLS Y219 International Relations (Social Sciences Gen Ed course)

  • Electives (3 courses – 9 credit hours). Students complete three courses from the program’s list of approved electives. This Global and International Studies Course List by Regional and Thematic Concentrations is available at our program website under the Courses tab -

  • Electives courses must come from at least two different departments or schools. World languages courses do not count as electives for the minor.

  • Students may also apply credit hours earned through university-approved study abroad programs if the courses include global learning content.

  • Liberal Arts majors must take courses at the 300-400 level to ensure completion of the school’s Advanced Courses requirement.

  • All 15 credit hours for the minor must be earned at a grade of C or higher
To declare your minor in Global & International Studies, you may visit the Liberal Arts
Student Affairs Office in Cavanaugh Hall or complete this online form:

Download the checklist for completion of the Global & International Studies minor here