The minor in Global and International Studies is a 15 credit hour interdisciplinary minor housed within the School of Liberal Arts. 

Please note that the World Languages prerequisite will no longer apply after FALL 2019. Students may also apply credit hours earned in study abroad programs to the electives requirement.

The requirements are as follows:

  • 3 credit I100 Introduction to International Studies interdisciplinary required introductory course
  • 3 credit "Windows on the World" requirement from one of the following four courses:
    • ANTH A104/A304 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
    • GEOG G130 World Geography
    • HIST H109 Perspectives on the World Since 1800
    • REL R133 Introduction to Religion
    • POLS Y219 Introduction to International Relations.
  • Advanced World Languages studies (prerequisite):
    • Students starting before Fall 2013 must achieve second-year proficiency by completing the 200-level cycle of a modern foreign language. 
    • Students starting during or after Fall 2013, when Liberal Arts revised language requirements for all majors, must complete one 300-level, third-year course from the World Languages Courses list. 
  • Electives (9 Cr.): Any courses selected from the approved International Studies Area and Thematic concentrations course list as long as they come from at least 2 different departments.
    • Students might wish to complete these 9 credits from one of the specific area or thematic concentrations to facilitate transferring to the major later.
    • Completing the courses from one area or thematic concentration is not, however, required for the minor.

Download a student checklist for completing the IS Minor