Training Programs for TESOL Teachers

ICIC is directed by experienced TESOL professors with strong backgrounds in English teacher preparation. As such, ICIC specializes in teacher training programs for faculty members from countries like Vietnam, Afghanistan, and many other parts of the world. Programs are tailored to the needs and resources available from partnering institutions. For example, ICIC has hosted programs that have run from three weeks up to as long as a year. Program topics may include but are not limited to intercultural communication, English for Specific Purposes (ESP), English language improvement, methodology, curriculum and materials development, assessment, or any other TESOL-related topics. For example, ICIC is experienced in working with groups funded through grants through entities like USAID.  Program options include either on-campus courses and activites or instructor-guided, short-term travel to special events like U.S.-based language conferences.

For more information, please contact ICIC at or call (1) (317) 274-2555.