Public history students at IUPUI will encounter a number of opportunities that will complement their training.

We hold an introductory workshop at the start of each new academic year, several internship seminars during the year, and a service trip towards the end of spring semester. 

The program and the department sponsor the Central Indiana Regional Competition for National History Day and participate in the State Finals for National History Day.  Public history students frequently serve as judges and support staff.

The annual statewide historic preservation conference (meeting in New Harmony in 2010, Indianapolis in 2011, and Whiting in 2012) presents another professional development opportunity, as do Indianapolis-area meetings of regional and national organizations.  Students can often reduce the costs of registration by volunteering time at these meetings.

Public history students have given presentations or posters at regional, national, and even international meetings.  Participation in professional meetings offers an excellent way to begin developing a professional network.

Students are our best recruiters.  We rely on students in the program to help with campus visits when we are recruiting and to talk to students at surrounding colleges and universities.  Doing these things also improves self-confidence and communications skills.

From time to time we sponsor "Careers in History" symposia or other special events with public history students as organizers and participants.

Bottom line:  We encourage and expect public history students to be engaged professionals in training and to take advantage of enrichment opportunities.