Welcome to The Department of Geography

Geographers explore the world. We seek out new places. We care for the environment. We make maps. Geography is the home for modern-day explorers.

Geographers track the spread of disease, sprawling cities, disappearing icecaps, changing food trends, and the paths of hurricanes. All phenomena — human and natural — have a geographic signature, a characteristic pattern of location and mobility that can be mapped and understood.

Geographers solve problems. We use advanced technologies like drones, satellite remote sensing, geographic information apps, and the global positioning system to understand our changing world. GIS — Geographic Information Science — gives us a fresh perspective on global problems. Our spatial perspective leads to creative solutions.

An education as a geographer prepares you to make the world a better place. Geographers pursue careers in business and government that require information technology skills, clear thinking, and teamwork. Geographers are recruited to work in environmental management; transportation planning, operations and logistics; urban and regional planning; defense and surveillance mapping; criminal forensic science; homeland security and emergency response; conservation and park administration; public health and epidemiology; recreation and tourism development; and international affairs and diplomacy.