All Liberal Arts students, including General Studies students, are encouraged to visit the Liberal Arts scholarship site.  As shown on this page, there are scholarships specific to General Studies students.  We encourage you to apply for all the scholarships for which you are eligible.

General Studies Scholarships

  • Bepko Lifelong Award
    • The Jean C. and Gerald B. Bepko Lifelong Learner Award was established to recognize a graduating senior in General Studies who maintained a high GPA while demonstrating persistence in completing their degree against all odds.  Scholarship Amount: $250


  • Lippman’s “Fresh Start” Scholarship
    • The scholarship will support undergraduate scholarships for students in the General Studies Degree Program at IUPUI who previously "stopped out" of post-secondary education from Indiana University, have earned a minimum of 30 college credit hours, and have a record of academic performance as demonstrated by a cumulative GPA of 1.5‐2.5 on a 4.0 scale.  Scholarship Amount: maximum of $500


  •  Irving J Levy Scholarship
    • This scholarship is for students enrolled in the General Studies Degree Program who demonstrate scholastic achievement or financial need. The scholarship is intended to go towards the cost of tuition and must be used within the academic year it is given. Scholarship Amount: $750 


  • Ronald M Lindle Adult Learner Scholarship
    • This fund is to support undergraduate scholarships. Recipients will be enrolled in the General Studies Degree Program at IUPUI who have a record of academic excellence as demonstrated by a minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4 point scale and who have submitted an application for the scholarship. Scholarship Amount: $250 


  • William M. Plater International Scholarship
    • This scholarship will be given to a student enrolled in the General Studies Degree Program within the school of Liberal Arts who have an interest in adding an international educational experience to their portfolio while pursuing their undergraduate degree.
    • Should no applications for international experience be submitted by the posted deadline, the committee may select a qualified candidate requesting domestic experience outside Indiana.  Scholarship Amount: $700