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External Affairs and Development Digital Signage Request

Please fill out the form below to be considered for placement on the Cavanaugh Hall Digital Signage schedule.




University Affiliation*
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  • Photos must be original or owned by the university, in the public domain, or available through Creative Commons (http://search.creativecommons.org/) and properly attributed.
  • Do not upload a compressed file; it should be large (but < 3MB)
  • Upload any image assets, branding, or supporting documents.
  • The IU School of Liberal Arts reserves the right to make changes to all designs before publicly displaying.
* Personnel in the Office of Development and External Affairs design all digital signs, and will send it to you for approval before posting. We DO NOT accept pre-designed digital screens from units within the School of Liberal Arts.
Photo caption/credit (as appropriate)
Text to be included on sign (max word count: 20)
  • Make it memorable: include catchy phrases, and key information about the event/opportunity you would like to promote.

  • Consider using http://go.iu.edu to shorten long contact information URLs (confirm that they work before submitting!)
Date(s) you would like this posted *minimum 2 weeks from request date



If you would like your slide displayed earlier than 3 weeks from today, please type your request here. Please note that an earlier post date may not be possible.
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