IU School of Liberal Arts Graduate Administrative Team

Office of Academic Programs

The Associate Dean for Academic Programs (ADAP) leads the Office of Academic Programs.  Responsibilities for this office involves all aspects of undergraduate and graduate curriculum, including course and program changes and development; general education, major, School and IUPUI curriculum requirements; course scheduling and enrollments; course, program, and department assessment of curriculum and instruction; as well as graduate program and student oversight and support (e.g., block grants, internships, research assistantships).  In addition, the ADAP provides school leadership on the development of new majors, certificates and programs.

Raymond J. Haberski, Associate Dean for Academic Programs, haberski@iupui.edu, 317-278-1019

Email: teamgrad@iupui.edu

Phone 317-274-1182

Dana Ward, dmward@iupui.edu, 317-274-4756, CA513

  •       Graduate Programs Coordinator 

Terri Crews, tcrews@iupui.edu, 317-274-8100, CA511

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