Faculty Assembly, School of Liberal Arts 12:00–2:00 pm  Friday, April 21, 2017, LE 105

Anton, M.; Barrows, R.; Beckman, E.; Bell, D.; Bivin, D.; Bjork, U.; Blomquist, W.; Buchenot, A.; Carstensen, T.; Cohen, M.; Connor, U.; Craig, D.; Curtis IV, E.; Davis, T.; Demirel-Pegg, T.; Eller, J.; Foote, C.; Fox, S.; Friesen, A.; Goff, P.; Guiliano, J.; Haberski, R.; Hayes, K.; Hetrick, B.; Hoegberg, D.; Jogi, S.; Karnick, K.; Kaufman-McKivigan, J.; Kryder-Reid, E.; Lamb, C.; Latham, K.; Laucella, P.; Lauten, K.; Lovejoy, K.; Lyons, T.; McCormick, J.; Miller, A.; Miller, L.; Mohler, C.; Molinder-Hogue, T.; Morgan, A.; Polites, M.; Ricke, A.; Robertson, N.; Russell, S.; Saak, E.; Sandwina, R.; Schneider, W.; Schultz, J.; Schuvaks-Katz, D.; Shepherd, S.; Steensland, B.; Strong, D.; Stump, S.; Tezanos-Pinto, R.; Thuesen, P.; Tucker Edmonds, J.; Upton, T.; Vargas-Vila, J.; Wang, J.; Weeden, S.; White, R.; White-Mills, K.; Wokeck, M.; Wood, E.

Visiting Faculty: Conway, J.; Hartsock, J. 

Guests: Illg, M.; Smith, C.

  1. Call to order at 12:00 p.m. —David Bivin (presiding for John Parrish-Sprowl)
  2. Approval of the minutes from March 3, 2017
    • A motion to approve the minutes was offered and seconded. The minutes were approved unanimously.
  3. President's remarks — David Bivin (presiding for John Parrish-Sprowl)
    • No comments were offered.
  4. Dean's remarks —Tom Davis
    • Dean Davis opened his remarks with a memorial to Brian McDonald of the Department of English, who passed away on April 7, 2017. He announced that a full memorial will be prepared for Faculty Assembly the fall. Brian's accomplishments to the Department of English and to the School of Liberal Arts were reviewed. The dean then shared the following about Brian: "In his obituary, it stated that Brian often quoted St. Irenaeus, who said, 'the glory of God is man fully alive.' Brian McDonald was a colleague and a friend who was, indeed, fully alive, and so his absence will be keenly felt. In recognition and celebration of his life, let us share in a moment of silence." A moment of silence then followed.
    • The dean next announced that nine people are retiring:
      • Janet Acevedo, Lecturer in the Department of World Languages and Cultures and Director of the American Sign Language Program/English Interpreting. Acevedo was noted for being instrumental in growing the ASL program and helping to make it one of the few bachelor’s level American Sign Language/English Interpreting programs in the country.
      • Bob Barrows, Professor of History, was noted for being the director of graduate studies for ten years and chair of his department for six years. He co-edited the massive Encyclopedia of Indianapolis, which appeared in 1994. The year 2000 saw the publication of his monograph, Francis Albion Bacon: Indiana’s Municipal Keeper from Indiana University Press. He won the Hoosier Historian Award from the Indiana Historical Society in 2003, and he served on the council of the Society of Historians of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era from 2010- 2013. He was Joe Hogsett’s thesis advisor.
      • Aye-Nu Duerksen, Senior Lecturer in English, was noted for her work as the Associate Director of the English for Academic Purposes program, and as Coordinator of EAP Communication Skills courses. Duerksen twice received a Fulbright Award, and she has received numerous other awards as well, including the Trustees Excellence in Teaching Award and the Excellent Mentoring Service Award and the Excellent Leadership Award from the Asian Pacific American Faculty and Staff Council. Duerksen has also made over 40 presentations on topics related to her expertise in linguistics and in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.
      • Julie Freeman, Senior Lecturer in English and Associate Director of Writing, was noted for being a member of the Faculty Academy on Excellence in Teaching (FACET). Freeman has won numerous teaching awards, including multiple Trustees Excellence in Teaching awards and numerous favorite professor awards. She has also been a grant recipient from within the university system and from external funders. Her administrative work within the Writing Program was noted as well.
      • Tere Molinder-Hogue, Senior Lecturer in English and Associate Director of Writing and Literacy, was noted for her 25 years as director of the University Writing Center. Before that, she was the administrative coordinator for the Writing Program. She received the Outstanding and Distinguished Lecturer Award, a Trustees Teaching Award, and has been awarded a Favorite Professor by the Intercollegiate Athletics Department. From 2000-2001, she was the School of Liberal Arts Teaching Scholar.
      • Victoria Rogers, Victoria Rogers, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, was noted for initiating online offerings in Philosophy and currently has been serving on the Online Course Development Advisory Board for SLA. Rogers has won awards for teaching, successfully garnered grants to support teaching, has made multiple presentations on teaching, and has published on teaching.
      • Bill Schneider, Professor of History, Professor of Medical Humanities and Health Studies, and Adjunct Professor of Medical and Molecular Genetics (School of Medicine) was noted for having published three books and served as editor or co-editor of seven books and special issue journals. Schneider has received multiple grants from such organizations as the NEH, NIH, the Lilly Foundation, the Luce Foundation, the National Archives, and others. Schneider created the Medical Humanities program in the school, served as chair to the Department of History, and served as the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs. Schneider also served as president of the IUPUI Faculty Council.
      • Colin Williams, Professor of Sociology, was noted for publishing four books and more than two dozen scholarly articles. An expert on human sexuality, Williams was elected to the International Academy of Sex Research. He has served on the editorial board of the Journal of Homosexuality and on a special review committee for the National Advisory Mental Health Council.
      • Larry Zimmerman, Professor of Anthropology and Museum Studies, was noted for being an adjunct Professor in the American Indian and Indigenous Studies Program; a public scholar of Native American representation at IUPUI and at the Eiteljorg Museum; and for being awarded the Peter J. Ucko Memorial Award for Contributions to World Archaeology by the World Archaeological Congress. His numerous publications include being an author, editor, or co-editor on over 20 books and being an author of dozens of articles. His grants have come from both within the US and without, and he has lectured at dozens of universities. In addition, he served as the National Sigma Xi Lecturer and the Eldon Johnson and Richard Frucht Memorial lecturer. He has also received a multi-year award from the Australian Research Council.
    • Faculty Awards were announced:
      • Katy Head, Communication Studies—Indiana Clinical and Translational Science Institute Grant
      • Jason Kelly, History—two New Frontiers grants, for Indiana Arts and Humanities Institute programming, and one to support a research conference
      • Didier Bertrand, World Languages and Cultures, and Andy Buchenot, English were invited to join the Faculty Academy on Excellence in Teaching
      • Jane Schultz, English—IUPUI Inspirational Woman Award and 2017 Women’s History Month Leadership Awards
      • Catherine Beck, English—2017 Global Legal Skills Award given at the 12th Global Legal Skills Conference in Monterrey, Mexico (recognized for creating the Legal English Program at the Indiana University Robert McKinney School of Law and for her support of global legal skills education)
      • Carrie Foote, Sociology—Aidswatch Leadership Award (along with two U.S. representatives, 1 U.S senator, and two not-for-profit CEOs)
      • Scott Pegg, Political Science—2017 Chancellors Award for Excellence in Civic Engagement
      • Jennifer Giuliano, History—2017 Chancellors Award for Excellence in Multicultural Teaching
      • Modupe Labode, History, Museum Studies, Africana Studies—2017 Chancellors Diversity Scholar Award
      • Paul Mulllins, Anthropology—2017 Joseph T. Taylor Excellence in Diversity Award
      • Liz Kryder-Reid, Anthropology and Museum Studies—Foundation for Landscape Studies John Brinckerhoff Jackson Prize for her new book, California Mission Landscapes: Race, Memory, and the Politics of Heritage
      • Owen Dwyer, Geography—part of a team that won a New Frontiers grant for Virtual Bethel Project
      • Gen Shaker, our Associate Dean for Development and External Affairs, has been promoted to associate professor by the Lilly School of Philanthropy.
    • Student Awards:
      • Sarah Grace Fraser, Top IUPUI Student at the Top 100 Awards Ceremony
      • Lyla Mahmoud, student leader award, 2017 Women’s History Month Leadership Awards
      • Chad Childers, Faculty Medal of Distinction;
      • Alysha Zemanek, IUPUI Chancellor’s Scholar
      • Nine Plater Medallion winners for civic engagement
    • The School of Liberal Arts has a very large graduating class (800 filed for graduation)
    • At the Celebration of Scholarship event on April 29, over $325,000 dollars in student awards will be announced.
  5. New business
    • Intercultural Health Certificate Proposal — Eric Saak, Undergraduate Curriculum and Standards Committee
      • Saak reviewed the certificate and its impact on the school. A discussion was called, but no comments or questions were forthcoming. A vote was taken and the proposal passed unanimously.
    • First Read of Guidelines for Performance Review and Reappointment of Professors of Practice — Philip Goff, Promotion and Tenure Committee
      • Goff opened by reminding the group that the proposal will be voted on in the fall.
      • Comment from the floor: These positions are part of university policies that are already established. Response: Because of this, the documents were written with campus and school guidelines in mind.
      • Question: The range of evaluation from Excellent, Very Effective, and so on to Ineffective is different from what we are used to. Why do we see this difference? Answer: Professors of Practice represent a different category. Thom Upton will provide a commentary on this ahead of the vote in the fall.
      • Question: What examples of Professors of Practice do we have presently? Answer: There are two Professors of Practice in Journalism who have had full careers outside of academia, and they bring their professional practice expertise with them. Both do not have terminal degrees, but they are qualified through experience. These positions were approved by the trustees.
      • No additional questions or comments came up, and so further discussion was delayed until the fall. In the meantime, additional information will be circulated to prepare for that discussion.
    • Proposal to Adopt New SLA Promotion and Tenure Guidelines — Philip Goff,

      Promotion and Tenure Committee
      • Goff opened by saying that the new guidelines are part of the need to go back in general and look at P & T guidelines given recent changes and the additions of public scholarship and digital scholarship to P & T considerations.
      • Discussion: A set of concerns were identified as needing attention:
        • A question was raised about whether peer review will be adjusted according to the kinds of work public and digital scholars perform
        • A question was raised about the term supplemental material in section IX, part A
        • A repeat paragraph was identified under section N and section J
        • The word digital should be included in section IX
        • A friendly amendment was offered that the page 6 statement on research should be sure to include service and teaching
        • Item 3 on page 6 (section IX, part A)—the suggestion was made to change the wording from publication in media of quality to modes of dissemination
        • There appears to be ambiguity in who the reviewers will be. Response: They will be members of the review committee.
      • A vote was taken to accept these changes and friendly amendments. All passed unanimously.
    • Approval of 2017 graduates — Shana Stump, Langsam Office of Student Affairs
      • Stump pointed out that the list of graduates had been circulated previously and moved that the May and December students who had applied for graduation and had met the requirements be accepted, including an additional set that may meet requirements in the meantime. A voice vote was taken and the list was accepted unanimously.
  6. Old business
    • Second Read of the New Faculty Annual Review Form — Jack Kaufman-McKivigan, Faculty Affairs Committee (15 minutes)
      • Kaufman-McKivigan reminded the group that this is a second reading. He then brought the members' attention to changes in the rating scale, which are being made because the old scale goes back the time of Herman Saatkamp.
      • Faculty Affairs has been approached by the Resources and Planning Committee about concerns related to work loads and to what happens with colleagues in courses that do not meet enrollment. The committee recommends adding information in reports to the dean's office that identify where problems may be arising.
      • Faculty Assembly members were asked to read over the new forms during the summer and send comments to him. A discussion and a vote on the documents will occur in the fall.
  7. Announcements
    • SLA Election
      • The floor was opened for nominations for Secretary of Faculty Assembly. Jennifer Mahoney offered her name. No other names came forward. A vote was taken, and she was voted unanimously.
      • Names for the other offices were read given the results of the recent election:
        • Faculty Assembly Vice-President—Kim White-Mills, Communication Studies
        • Agenda Council Members-At-Large—Kyle Minor, English; Joseph Tucker-Edmonds, Religious Studies, Africana Studies
        • Promotion and Tenure Committee—William Blomquist, Political Science; Philip Goff, Religious Studies, American Studies; Ray Haberski, History, American Studies; Lynn Jettpace, English; John Parrish-Sprowl, Communication Studies, Women's Studies
        • Enhancement Review Committee—Paul Mullins, Anthropology; Peter Thuesen, Religious Studies, American Studies
        • Nominating Committee—Jennifer Bute, Communication Studies, Women's Studies; Kenzie Latham Mintus, Sociology; Thorsten Carstensen, World Languages and Cultures
        • Campus Promotion and Tenure Representative—William Blomquist, Political Science
    • Faculty Awards
      • Shipps Junior Faculty Travel Award
        • Tamara Cabrera, World Languages & Cultures, Spanish Program—Paper presented at Symposium on Language for Specific Purposes, Bergen, Norway
        • Holly Cusack-McVeigh, Museum Studies, Anthropology—Paper presented at American Folklore Society, Minneapolis, MN
        • Katharine Head, Communication Studies—Paper presented at Conference on Health Communications, Washington, DC
        • Krista Hoffman-Longtin, Communication Studies—Paper presented at Pediatric Academic Society, San Francisco, CA
        • Megan Musgrave, English, Women's Studies—International Children’s Literature Association winner of the Judith Plotz Emerging Scholar Award, Tampa, FL (and co-host proposal presenter for future conference site)
      • Trustees Teaching Awards
        • Lecturers—Honor Orlando, English; Mike Polites, Communication Studies; Scott Weeden, English
        • Tenure Track—Holly Cusack-McVeigh, Museum Studies, Anthropology; Elizabeth Goering, Communication Studies, Women's Studies; Karen Kovacik, English; John McCormick, Political Science; Jennifer Thorington-Springer, English, Africana Studies; Jing Wang, World Languages and Cultures
      • Distinguished Faculty Awards
        • Outstanding Lecturer Award for Associate Faculty—Milena Mileva, English
        • Outstanding Lecturer Award for a Full-Time Appointee—Amy Bomke, World Languages and Cultures
        • Outstanding Tenure-Track Faculty Award—Beth Goering, Communication Studies, Women's Studies
        • 2017 Langsam-Belle Summer Fellowship—Lynn Jettpace, English
  8. Adjournment
    • A motion to adjourn was offered and seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 1:01 p.m.

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