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Process for new and change course requests

An online Course Approval System is available to request a new course or request a course change. This system allows a faculty member to submit a request online which will then route to designated individuals as part of a workflow process. Once the request has been approved at all levels, the course request will be posted to the All University Course Remonstrance list on the 1st day of the upcoming month; the current course list will be available for review until the end of the month. Objections to any proposed courses should be raised during the Course Remonstrance process. To see a current Remonstrance list, search for "Remonstrance" in "".


Initiate a new course request or request a course change (from

  • All Users: Log into Search for "CARMIn". Click on the box titles "Initiate New Course/Change Course".
  • The course request form should be self-explanatory but if you have difficulty with the form, please contact administrative help in the Dean's office.

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