Lockups, signatures, and color palette information

Lockups, signatures, and color palette information

On school, center, and department print marketing materials, it is preferred that a Liberal Arts marketing lockup appears somewhere on the document. It may be used in the footer area, at the top of the document, or on the document’s back in the lower third. These lockups are not alterable and are designed by IU Communications. Lockups are available in many formats (horizontal and vertical and 1-3 lines), at the school, department, unit, center, etc. levels. To request new, or access to, the marketing lockups, please email: libaodea@iupui.edu.

School of Liberal Arts lockups

**When formatting any item, please remember to hold down the shift key so that the image does not warp/stretch:

stretched logos

On all official documents, the official signature (not the lockup) is to be used. The signatures are not to be altered in any way. New units can request signatures by sending an email to: libaodea@iupui.edu.

The current and approved School of Liberal Arts signature (shown in horizontal and vertical formats) are:

current School of Liberal arts signatures

Please carefully inspect ALL proofs; you may encounter a logo that looks correct, but isn’t.

Incorrect logos have ‘School of Liberal Arts’ rather than the department or program name on the top line:

incorrect and correct logo

Incorrect logos do NOT have IUPUI directly under the IU trident:

incorrect and correct logo

Alternately, rather than using the School’s logo, you may choose to use your unit’s signature on materials.

Department signature

The use of old individual unit “logos” should cease except for particular centers whose marks have been approved by Troy Brown, IU Communications (tdbrown@iu.edu).

Unit signatures will appear on letterhead/envelopes, business cards and other items unique to each unit. These signatures are not required to be used as the logo on promotional items. They are available to the campus printer, Miles Printing, and you can ascertain one for your use by contacting libaodea@iupui.edu.

A series of guidelines accompany the use of the signature files. Please see the brand website, brand.iu.edu or contact the Office of Development and External Affairs (CA 436G), for assistance.
Note: Signatures are for official school use ONLY. These signatures MAY NOT be used by student groups.


Please note that these logos and designs have been retired.
NO PART of these logos may be used:

retired logos - do not use

The campus has updated the jaguar logo; please confirm that you’re using the newest version.

new jaguar's head logo

The jaguar head must never be displayed in isolation; it must always be accompanied by IUPUI text:

jaguar's head - always with logo


IU and IUPUI have several color palettes from which units can choose from when designing print and web marketing pieces. The use of these color palettes ensures a consistent look to all IU and IUPUI materials. Primary colors are meant to be dominant in the design with secondary colors serving as accents. Please see Color and the IU brand for more information.

For marketing purposes, the official Indiana University colors are crimson and white—not cream. This is because cream does not reproduce well in most design executions.

iu color palette


IUPUI uses crimson and black with gold as an accent. The Purdue schools at IUPUI are represented by black. The following are outdated logos. Do NOT use. IUPUI’s official logo should always be used with the IU trident.

outdated logos - do not use