Faculty Assembly

Welcome to the website of the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI Faculty Assembly!

Faculty governance is central to the School, and this site is designed to serve as the communication base to support all its activities.

Here you will find the Bylaws governing the activities of the Assembly, a list of current officers and Agenda Council members, and a calendar of their scheduled meetings. Here are also posted the current Agenda and Minutes of the Assembly, full text of all pending proposals and supporting documents, and archives of earlier minutes and agendas.

Finally, the site provides a base for each of the Faculty Assembly’s elected and appointed committees, including current lists of committee members, any calendars, agendas, or other documents they may wish to post, and archives of the annual reports submitted by each committee over the years.

Faculty Assembly Meeting Schedule 2018-19

Deadline for Agenda Council Items   ~Fridays~Agenda Council Meeting  ~Mondays, 9:30; *Tuesdays w/star~Faculty Assembly Meetings  ~Fridays~
August 29, 2018  12:00 PM (noon)*September 5, 2018September 14, 2018, location TBD
October 24, 2018  12:00 PM (noon)October 29, 2018November 9, 2018, location TBD
January 9, 2019  12:00 PM (noon)*January 14, 2019January 25, 2019, location TBD
February 13, 2019  12:00 PM (noon)February 18, 2019March 1, 2019, location TBD
April 10, 2019  12:00 PM (noon)April 13, 2019April 26, 2019, location TBD