Robert Sandy Economics Seminar (2017-2018)

meets on Thursday from 4:15pm to 5:45pm in the seminar room (438) of Cavanaugh Hall, unless otherwise noted.

Organizer: Jaesoo Kim (


Health Economics Seminar (2017-2018)

meets on Friday from 11:30am to 1:00pm in Room 209 of Cavanaugh Hall, unless otherwise noted.

Organizer: Henry Mak (   

  • Oct 18 (Wed), Sumedha Gupta (IUPUI), Fighting the opioid crisis: Large Lessons from Kentucky
  • Oct 27, Biniyam Yemane (IUPUI), The Education-Health Gradient, Pathways and Spillovers:  New Evidence from a Natural Experiment.
  • Nov 17, Seth Freedman (Indiana University, SPEA), Docs with their Eyes on the Clock? The Effect of Time Pressures on the Delivery of Low-Value Services.
  • Dec 1, Phil De Cicca (Ball State University), Cowboys and Indians: Quasi-experimental evidence on cigarette brand loyalty
  • Jan 16, John Hao (IUPUI), Causal analysis using two-part models: A general framework for specification, estimation and inference
  • Feb 2, Shichao Tang (IUPUI), Specification, estimation and testing of treatment effects in multinomial outcome models: Dealing with endogeneity and independence from irrelevant alternatives
  • Feb 9, Kurt Lavetti (Ohio State University), TBA
  • Feb 23, Dan Sacks (Indiana University, Kelley School of Business), Does the individual mandate affect insurace coverage? Regression kink evidence from the population of tax returns
  • Mar 2, Daniel Asfaw (IUPUI), Does in utero and early childhood health shock affect the productivity of later investment in human capital?
  • Mar 23, Oindrila Bhattacharyya (IUPUI), TBA
  • Mar 30, Joe Benitez (University of Louisville), Medicaid as a safety net: Does Medicaid generosity mitigate the effects of unemployment during economic downturns?
  • Apr 5, Oindrila Bhattacharyya (IUPUI), Effect of Substance Abuse on Earnings
  • Apr 6, Jon Bergdoll (IUPUI), Hospitals: Effectiveness and Nonprofit Status
  • Apr 20, Wondimu Manalew (IUPUI), TBA

Economic Theory Workshop (2017-2018)

meets on Friday from 2:15pm to 3:30pm in Room 235 of Cavanaugh Hall, unless otherwise noted.

Organizer: Subir Chakrabarti (

  • Sep 29, Jyoti Sarkar (IUPUI, Math department), A search algorithm for the best candidate
  • Oct 6, Henry Mak (IUPUI), Pro-Social Motivation and Incentives
  • Oct 13, Jaesoo Kim (IUPUI), Beyond Monetary Incentives
  • Nov 3, Jyoti Sarkar (IUPUI, Math department), A Test of mean-variance efficiency of Financial Portfolio
  • Nov 10, Subir Chakrabarti (IUPUI), Stationary equilibrium strategies in stochastic games : semi-Markov strategies
  • Nov 17, Vidhura Tennekoon (IUPUI), Measurement error in binary independent variables
  • Feb 9, Subir Chakrabarti (IUPUI), Repeated Contracts
  • Mar 9, Jyoti Sarkar (IUPUI, Math department), Statistical Measure of Agreement
  • Mar 23, Jaesoo Kim (IUPUI), Discrimination and Agency Problem
  • Mar 30, Henry Mak (IUPUI), Monopolistic Selection